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Postdoctoral Fellows in Supramolecular, Surface, Materials Chemistry


Institute for Molecular Design and Synthesis, School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tianjin University


The Institute for Molecular Design and Synthesis within Tianjin University’s School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology has openings for 4 postdoctoral positions in ‘Development of new functional organic materials’, with emphasis in supramolecular chemistry, surface science/surface chemistry, and molecular switches. The materials under investigation will include small molecules as well as well-defined macromolecular systems. We are interested in fundamental characteristics on both the individual as well as the supramolecular level, as well as their use in complex scaffolds (multivalent detection, metal-organic frameworks, nanoparticulates, etc. eventually leading to 3) incorporation of these macromolecular components into device settings with a wide range of applications from drug delivery to molecular electronics.

Postdoctoral fellows will be part of a vibrant collaborative international team of 4 research professors and their groups within the Institute for Molecular Design (Mark Olson, Fraser Stoddart, Andrew Sue, Han Zuilhof).

Key Responsibilities:

* Synthesize and characterize novel molecules and functional materials.

* Participate in and oversee a variety of research projects within a group of diverse scientists

* Prepare research presentations (both oral and written) on experimental results.

* Communicate results and participate in seminars/symposia and group meetings.

* Assist in directing students, manuscript preparation and grant proposal writing.

Well-qualified candidates will have one or more of the following criteria:

* Experience in organic synthesis, purification, and characterization

* Background in materials science, soft matter chemistry or supramolecular chemistry

* Experience with drug delivery systems, molecular electronics, molecular switches, and molecular machines

* Experience in X-ray crystallography, crystal engineering, and Materials Studio software.

In addition to at least one of the above, the following are required qualifications:

* Ph.D. in Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or a related discipline

* Demonstrated record of accomplishment and achievement documented by scientific publications and presentations

* Evidence of ability to work as an independent researcher with a high level of scientific judgment and competency

* Demonstrated ability to collaborate and effectively communicate with colleagues and peers within a diverse research team

How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter outlining your current and future research interests, a curriculum vitae which includes your full list of publications, and the names of at least two references to Prof. Mark Olson (molson@tju.edu.cn), Prof. Andrew Sue (andrew.sue@tju.edu.cn), and Prof. Han Zuilhof (han.zuilhof@wur.nl).