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3rd Faculty Recruitment Campaign in Health & Molecular Science at Tianjin University

In preparation for its 3rd international faculty recruitment campaign, Tianjin University's School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology and School of Life Science invite applications for faculty positions in all areas related to basic health science.

We seek junior and senior faculty scholars with a demonstrated high level of excellence in research and dedication to teaching in English, to help build four major international platforms: the Institute of Drug Innovation and Development; the Institute for Molecular Design and Synthesis; the Institute of Microbiology and Immunology; the Institute of Molecular and Structural Biology. Outstanding talent are sought in all areas of the health sciences: pharmaceutics; pharmacology & toxicology; immunology: structural, chemical & cellular biology; microbiology; biochemistry; medicinal chemistry; pharmaceutical process, analytics & formulation; traditional Chinese medicine; computational chemistry & biology; bioinformatics; pharma‐economics; regulatory science; health policy; and material science.

For full consideration, please submit before October 1, 2015: current CV, 3 personal references, publication list, summary of research directions (2‐3 pages), statement of teaching interest (1 page) 3 exemplary publications tohealthscience@tju.edu.cnas a single file [LAST_first_HSS.pdf]. Competitive candidates will be invited by mid‐October to participate in the Symposium on Directions in Modern Health Science November 22-25 2015.

Symposium on Directions in Modern Health Science