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Haixia Chen——Professor

Room A506, Building 24, Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
Group weblink
Education Experience
1997-2002 Ph. D. Huazhong Agricultural University, CN
2002-2004 Postdoctoral Ocean University of China, CN
Professional Experience
2013- Professor Tianjin University
2004-2013 Associate Professor Tianjin University
2011-2012 Visiting scholar University of California, Berkeley
2002-2004 Postdoctoral fellow Ocean University of China
Research Area

The research of the Chen group concerns isolation, identification, bioactivity, and mechanism of constituents from natural resources.  In particular, the group focuses on functional mechanism and structure-activity relationships of macromolecules (polysaccharides and proteins) as well as small biomolecules. Methods are being developed in the group to quantify bioactivity of polysaccharides and small biomolecules from Traditional Chinese Medicine and natural resources.  Additionally, the group investigates functional food and new medicine from natural sources.


Honors and Awards
Highlighted Publications
Chen, H. X.; Sohn, J.; Zhang, L. K.; Tian, J. G.; Chen, S. H.; Bjeldanes, L. F. Anti-inflammatory effects of chicanine on murinemacrophage by down-regulating LPS-induced inflammatory cytokines in IκBα/MAPK/ERK signaling pathways. Eur. J. Pharmacol. 2014, 724,168.
Chen, S. H.; Chen, H. X.; Tian, J. G.; Wang, J.; Wang, Y. W.; Xing, L. S. Extraction, chemical characteristics and bioactivities of polysaccharides from corn silk. Carbohydr. Polym. 2014, 101, 332.
Chen, S. H.; Chen, H. X.; Tian, J. G.; Wang, Y. W.; Xing, L. S.; Wang, J. Chemical modification, antioxidant and α-amylase inhibitory activities of corn silk polysaccharides. Carbohydr. Polym. 2013, 98, 428.
Ma, L. S.; Chen, H. X.; Dong, P.; Lu, X. M. Anti-inflammatory and anticancer activities of extracts and compounds from the mushroom Inonotus obliquus. Food Chem. 2013, 139, 503.
Ma, L. S.; Chen, H. X.; Zhu, W. C.; Wang, Z. S. Effect of different drying methods on physicochemical properties and antioxidant activities of polysaccharides extracted from mushroom Inonotus obliquus. Food Res. Internat. 2013, 50, 633.
ResearcherID Publications
Year Title Author(s) Source Volume
2010 Antioxidant properties of tartary buckwheat extracts as affected by different thermal processing methods Zhang, Min; Chen, Haixia; Li, Jinlei; et al. Lwt-Food Science and Technology 43
2011 Physicochemical, thermal, and pasting properties of Chinese chestnut (Castanea mollissima BI.) starches as affected by different drying methods Zhang, Min; Chen, Haixia; Zhang, Yan Starch-Starke 63
2011 Extraction of Polygonatum odoratum polysaccharides using response surface methodology and preparation of a compound beverage Lan, Gaoshuang; Chen, Haixia; Wang, Zhaoshuai; et al. Carbohydrate Polymers 86
2011 Comparative studies on the chemical composition and antioxidant activities of Schisandra chinensis and Schisandra sphenanthera fruits Wang, Zhaoshuai; Chen, Haixia; Zhang, Wenjing; et al. Journal of Medicinal Plants Research 5
2012 Comparative studies on the physicochemical and antioxidant properties of different tea extracts Chen, Haixia; Zhang, Yu; Lu, Xueming; et al. Journal of Food Science and Technology-Mysore 49
2012 Chemical modification and antioxidant activities of polysaccharide from mushroom Inonotus obliquus Ma, Lishuai; Chen, Haixia; Zhang, Yu; et al. Carbohydrate Polymers 89
2012 Chemical composition and physicochemical properties of dietary fiber from Polygonatum odoratum as affected by different processing methods Lan, Gaoshuang; Chen, Haixia; Chen, Shuhan; et al. Food Research International 49
2012 Analysis of euphornin in Euphorbia helioscopia L. and its cytotoxicity to mice lung adenocarcinoma cells (LA795) Chen, Haixia; Wang, Zhaoshuai; Yang, Li Natural Product Research 26
2013 Structural characterization and antioxidant properties of polysaccharides from two Schisandra fruits Chen, Shuhan; Chen, Haixia; Wang, Zhaoshuai; et al. European Food Research and Technology 237
2013 Physical modifications of polysaccharide from Inonotus obliquus and the antioxidant properties Zhang, Ning; Chen, Haixia; Ma, Lishuai; et al. International Journal of Biological Macromolecules 54
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