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Xia Li——Associate Professor

Room A507, Building 24, Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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Education Experience
2010 Ph. D. Tianjin University, China
Professional Experience
2010-2014 Lecturer School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tianjin University
2014-2018 Associate Professor School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tianjin University
Research Area

The research in the group of Li involves investigations into Traditional Chinese Medicines (TCM). The emphasis is on the genetic relationship among medicinal plants based on macromolecules, such as starch and polysaccharides, and the development of process techniques for herbal materials. Additionally, the group is involved in the development of functional foods from TCM and their effective constituents. Functional products with throat clearing, hypoglycemic, hypolipidemic and aperient bowel functions have been developed.

Honors and Awards
Highlighted Publications
Miao J, Li X*, Zhao CC, Gao XX, Wang Y, & Gao WY*. Active compounds, antioxidant activity and anti-α-glucosidase activity of different varieties of Chaenomeles fruits. Food Chemistry, 2018, 248, 330.
Miao J, Li X*, Zhao CC, Gao XX, Wang Y, Cheng KF & Gao WY*. Solvents selection based on active chemicals and activities of antioxidant, anti-α-glucosidase and inhibit effects on smooth muscle of isolated rat jejunum of Chaenomeles speciosa, Journal of Functional Foods, 2018, 40, 146.
Chen XT, Li X*, Mao XH, Huang HH, Qu Z, Miao J, Gao WY*, Effects of drying processes on starch-related physicochemical properties, bioactive components and antioxidant properties of yam flours. Food chemistry. 2017, 224.
Chen XT, Lu J, Li X*, Wang Y, Miao J, Mao XH, Gao WY*, Effect of blanching and drying temperatures on starch-related physicochemical properties, bioactive components and antioxidant activities of yam flours. LWT-Food Science and technology. 2017, 82, 303.
Huang HH, Jiang QQ, Chen YL, Li X*, Mao XH, Chen XT, Huang LQ, Gao WY*, Preparation, physicoechemical characterization and biological activities of two modified starches from yam (Dioscorea Opposita Thunb.), Food Hydrocolloids, 2016, 55, 244.
ResearcherID Publications
Year Title Author(s) Source Volume
2015 Anti-diabetic activity in type 2 diabetic mice and alpha-glucosidase inhibitory, antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of chemically profiled pear peel and pulp extracts (Pyrus spp.) Wang, Tingting; Li, Xia; Zhou, Bin; et al. Journal of Functional Foods 13
2015 Role of Effective Composition on Antioxidant, Anti-inflammatory, Sedative-Hypnotic Capacities of 6 Common Edible Lilium Varieties Wang, Tingting; Huang, Hanhan; Zhang, Yao; et al. Journal of Food Science 80
2014 Antioxidant Activity Relationships of Pachymaran Derivatives Li, Xia; Gao, Wen-Yuan; Cao, Yu; et al. Journal of Food Biochemistry 38
2014 Chemical composition and antioxidant and anti-inflammatory potential of peels and flesh from 10 different pear varieties (Pyrus spp.) Li, Xia; Wang, Tingting; Bin Zhou; et al. Food Chemistry 152
2014 Comparative susceptibilities to alkali-treatment of A-, B- and C-type starches of Dioscorea zingiberensis, Dioscorea persimilis and Dioscorea opposita Jiang, Qianqian; Gao, Wenyuan; Li, Xia; et al. Food Hydrocolloids 39
2014 Evaluation of three traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) starches and potential application in health product industry Li, Xia; Xia, Yuzhuo; Gao, Wenyuan; et al. Food Hydrocolloids 40
2013 Physicochemical properties and in vitro digestion of starches from different Dioscorea plants Jiang, Qianqian; Gao, Wenyuan; Shi, Yanpeng; et al. Food Hydrocolloids 32
2012 Chemical Composition and Anti-inflammatory and Antioxidant Activities of Eight Pear Cultivars Li, Xia; Zhang, Jun-Ying; Gao, Wen-Yuan; et al. Journal of Agricultural and Food Chemistry 60
2012 Comparison of starches separated from different Dioscorea bulbifera Linn. cultivars Jiang, Qianqian; Gao, Wenyuan; Li, Xia; et al. Starch-Starke 64
2012 Physicochemical, crystalline, and thermal properties of native and enzyme hydrolyzed Pueraria lobata (Willd.) Ohwi and Pueraria thomsonii Benth. starches Xia, Yuzhuo; Gao, Wenyuan; Jiang, Qianqian; et al. Starch-Starke 64
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