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Hanchi Yan ——Professor

(86)-22-27402026 (Lab)
Room 320, Building 15#, School of Life Sciences, Tianjin University, 92 Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin 300072, P.R. China
School of Life Sciences
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Education Experience
1993-1997 Bachelor of Science Biochemistry Wuhan University School of Life Sciences
2000-2006 Ph. D. Biophysics Chinese Academy of Sciences / Institute of Biophys
2006-2010 Postdoctoral Structure Biology Princeton University / Dept. of Molecular Biology
Professional Experience
1997-2000 Research Assistant Hubei Institute of Pharmaceutical Industry / Center for Pharmacology and Toxicology
2006-2006 Research Assistant Chinese Academy of Sciences / Institute of Biophysics
2006-2010 Postdoctoral Research Associate Princeton University / Dept. of Mol. Biol.
2010-2015 Associate Professor Tsinghua University / School of Medicine
2015-2016 Professor Tianjin University / School of Life Sciences
Research Area

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Research in the Yan lab focuses on structure biology of protein or protein complex with significant biology function, particularly on structure and function of those important membrane proteins, such as photosynthetic membrane proteins, intramembrane proteases, membrane transporters, ion channels and cancer-related viral membrane proteins, etc.

The Cartoon below shows substrate transport across membrane by transporter protein.


Honors and Awards
The 2014 State Natural Science Award of China (the 2nd Class, the 4th winner)
The 2014 Peiyang Scholar Award of Tianjin University - Reserved Academic Program
The 2013 Science and Technology Award of Beijing Municipality (the 1st Class, the 4th winner)
The Excellent Poster Award of the 4th Chinese Symposium on Structure Biology (CSSB2013)
The 2005 IUPAB Young Scientist Travel Fellowship
The 2005 Significant Achievement in Science & Technology of Hubei Province for Research & Development on the New Medicine Doxepin hydrochloride cream (the 12th winner)
The 2004's Top 10 Advances in Science and Technology of China (Co-winner)
The 2004 "Outstanding Research Article Prize" and "Chen-Lu Tsou Lecture Award", the Chinese Society of Biochemistry & Molecular Biology (CSBMC) and Chen-Lu Tsou Foundation (Co-winner)
The 2004 Excellence Prize of the Chinese Academy of Sciences (CAS) President Award
The 2002 Significant Achievement in Science and Technology of Hubei Province for Research & Development on the animal drug Sarafloxacin Hydrochloride (the 10th winner)
Highlighted Publications
Hanchi Yan1, Pingfeng Zhang1, Chao Wang, Zhenfeng Liu, and Wenrui Chang (2007). Two lutein molecules in LHCII have different conformations and functions: Insights into the molecular mechanism of thermal dissipation in plants. Biochemical and Biophysical Research Communications 355, 457-463. (Times Cited: 33)
Zhenfeng Liu, Hanchi Yan, Kebin Wang, Tingyun Kuang, Jiping Zhang, Lulu Gui, Xiaomin An & Wenrui Chang (2004). Crystal structure of spinach major light-harvesting complex at 2.72 Å resolution. Nature 428, 287-292. (Highlighted Cover-Story Article; Nature Editor‘s mini-preview to recommend; Top Topics paper by Thomson Reuters in 2009; Rated "Exceptional" by Faculty of 1000; Times Cited: 918)
Zhuoru Wu, Nieng Yan, Liang Feng, Adam Oberstein, Hanchi Yan, Rosanna P Baker, Lichuan Gu, Philip D Jeffrey, Sinisa Urban & Yigong Shi (2006). Structural analysis of a rhomboid family intramembrane protease reveals a gating mechanism for substrate entry. Nature Structural & Molecular Biology 13, 1084-91. (Rated "Exceptional" by Faculty of 1000; Times Cited: 141)
Liang Feng1, Hanchi Yan1, Zhuoru Wu1, Nieng Yan, Zhe Wang, Philip D. Jeffrey, Yigong Shi (2007). Structure of a Site-2 Protease Family Intramembrane Metalloprotease. Science 318, 1608-12. (1Co-first author; Rated "Exceptional" by Faculty of 1000; Times Cited: 116)
Hanchi Yan1, Weiyun Huang1, Chuangye Yan, Xinqi Gong, Sirui Jiang, Yu Zhao, Jiawei Wang, and Yigong Shi (2013). Structure and mechanism of a nitrate transporter. Cell Reports 3, 716-723. (1Co-first author; Highlighted by Angewandte Chemie (Int. Ed.), DOI: 10.1002/anie.201305421; Times Cited: 30)
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