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Xiaoqun Gong ——Lecturer

School of Life Sciences
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Education Experience
2003-2007 B.Sc. Material Science and Engineering Tianjin University
2007-2009 M.S. Material Science and Engineering Tianjin University
2009-2013 Ph. D. Material Science and Engineering Tianjin University
Professional Experience
2013- Lecture Tianjin University School of Life Sciences
Research Area

The preparation of biomelcular detection platform for desease diagnosis

1.Preparation of the quantum dot nanobeads-based immunochromatography test strip for the  high sensitive and quantitative detection different cancer biomarkers.

2.The fabrication of Microfluidic Protein Chip based on the quantum dots encoding microbeads for multimoleculars detection 


The preparation of mucus-penetrating nanoparticles for drug delivery to mucosal tissues

3.Preparation of magnetic mucus-penetrating nanoparticles for vaginal drug delivery.

4.The study of mucus-penetrating nanoparticles penetrating human cystic fibrosis sputum and controlling inflammation in a murine model of lung inflammation.

Honors and Awards
Highlighted Publications
[5] Qiuhua Yang#, Xiaoqun Gong, Tao Song, Jiumin Yang, Shengjiang Zhu, Yunhong Li, Ye Cui, Yingxin Li, Bingbo Zhang, Jin Chang*. Quantum dot-based immunochromatography test strip for rapid, quantitative and sensitive detection of alpha fetoprotein. Biosensors & Bioelectronics, 2011, 30(1):145-150.
[4]Lin Su, Xiaoqun Gong, Sheng Wang, Xue Li, Ying Zhang, Yan Dou, Wentao Yang, Hanjie Wang, Jin Chang*.A facile method for high-performance multicolor upconversion microrods for biological encoding.Nanotechnology, 2015, 26(45):455101.
[3]Wentao Yang, Weisheng Guo, Tingbin Zhang,Weitao Yang, Lin Su, Lei Fang, Hanjie Wang,Xiaoqun Gong* and Jin Chang*. Synthesis Q1 Q2 of aqueous AgInS/ZnS@PEI as a selfindicating nonviral vector for plasmid DNA selftracking delivery Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2015, 3, 85178-8527.
[2] Ye Cui#, Xiaoqun Gong# ,Shengjiang Zhu, Yunhong Li, Wenya Su, Qiuhua Yang and Jin Chang*. An effective modified method to prepare highly luminescent, highly stable water-soluble quantum dots and its preliminary application in immunoassay. Journal of Materials Chemistry, 2012, 22(2):462-469.
[1] Xiaoqun Gong#, Qi Zhang, Ye Cui, Shengjiang Zhu, Wenya Su, Qiuhua Yang and Jin Chang*. A facile method to prepare high-performance magnetic and fluorescent bifunctional nanocomposites and their preliminary application in biomolecule detection. Journal of Materials Chemistry B, 2013, 1:2098-2106.
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