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Michael Yuchi——Associate Professor

Room 417-6, Building 24, Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
Group weblink
Education Experience
2003-2009 Ph. D. Biochemistry and Biomedical Sciences McMaster University
1999-2003 Bachelor of Science Life Sciences Fudan University
Professional Experience
2016- Associate Professor Tianjin Univeristy
2010-2016 Research Associate Univeristy of British Columbia
2009-2010 Postdoctoral Fellow Cold Spring Harbor Laboratory
Research Area

The research of Yuchi’s group centers on the structure and function of ion channels. Ion channels are the second largest target class for approved drugs. Drugs targeting ion channels are used to treat arrhythmia, neuropathic pain, epilepsy, anxiety and more. The ultimate goal of our group is to understand the physiological and pathological roles of ion channels at the molecular level. The specific questions we are tackling include: 1) the interaction network and regulation of ion channels involved in heart and muscle diseases; 2) how disease-causing mutations perturb the structure and function of critical ion channels; 3) how to target insect ion channels to develop novel biopesticides. To answer these questions, our lab combines a variety of complementary techniques, including X-ray crystallography, electrophysiology, calorimetry, in-silico drug screening, as well as many other biochemical, biophysical and computational methods.

For detailed information, check our lab website @ www.yuchilab.com 


Channel Regulation at High Resolution613074.jpg

Disease-causing Mutations in Ion Channel

Honors and Awards
Peiyang Scholar 2016
Michael John Page Award 2014
Michael Smith Award 2013
Yuchi, Z., Lin, L, and Liu, C. (2018) A novel protein purification strategy based on calmodulin, 201810033972.9
Ji, J., An, T., Si, Z., and Yuchi, Z. (2017) A highly effective method for tissue culture of lily flowers, 201710631938.7
Highlighted Publications
Haji-Ghassemi, O., Yuchi, Z., and Van Petegem, F. (2019) The Cardiac Ryanodine Receptor Phosphorylation Hot Spot Embraces PKA in a Phosphorylation-Dependent Manner. Molecular Cell. Accepted.
Xing, M., Wei, Y., Zhou, Y., Zhang, J., Lin, L., Hu, Y., Hua, G., Nanja, A., Liu, D., Wang, F., Guo, C., Tong, Y., Li, M., Liu, Y., Ang, EL., Zhao, H.*, Yuchi, Z.*, and Zhang, Y.* (2019) Radical-mediated C-S bond cleavage in C2 sulfonate degradation by anaerobic bacteria. Nature Communications., 10:1609
Alvarado, FJ., Bos, JM., Yuchi, Z., Valdivia, CR., Hernandez, JJ., Zhao, YT., Henderlong, DS., Chen, Y., Booher, TR., Marcou, CA., Van Petegem, F., Ackerman, MJ., and Valdivia, HH. (2019) Cardiac hypertrophy and arrhythmia in mice induced by a mutation in ryanodine receptor 2. JCI Insight., doi: 10.1172/jci.insight.126544
Zhou, Y., Wei, Y., Lin, L., Xu, T., Ang, EL., Zhao, H.*, Yuchi, Z.*, and Zhang, Y.* (2019) Biochemical and structural investigation of sulfoacetaldehyde reductase from Klebsiella oxytoca. Biochem J., 476(4), 733-746
Lin, L., Liu, C., Nayak, BC., He, W., You, M.*, and Yuchi, Z*. (2018) A two-step purification strategy using calmodulin as an affinity tag. J Chromatogr A., 1544, 16-22
Lin, L., Liu, C., Qin, J., Wang, J., Dong, S., Chen, W., He, W., Gao, Q., You, M.*, and Yuchi, Z.* (2018) Crystal structure of ryanodine receptor N-terminal domain from Plutella xylostella reveals two potential species-specific insecticide-targeting sites. Insect Biochem Mol Biol, 92, 73-83
Yuchi, Z., and Van Petegem, F. (2016) Ryanodine Receptors under the Magnifying Lens: insights and limitations from current cryo-electron microscopy and X-ray crystallography studies. Cell Calcium, 59, 209-227
Yuchi, Z., Wong King Yuen, S.M., Lau, K., Underhill, A., Cornea, R., Fessenden, J.D., and Van Petegem, F. (2015) Crystal structures of Ryanodine Receptor SPRY1 and tandem-repeat domains reveal a critical FKBP12 binding determinant. Nature Communications 6:7947 doi: 10.1038/ncomms8947
Yuchi, Z., Lau, K., and Van Petegem, F. (2012) Disease mutations in the Ryanodine Receptor Central Region: Crystal structures of a phosphorylation hot spot domain. Structure 20, 1201-1211
ResearcherID Publications
Year Title Author(s) Source Volume
2011 Common allosteric mechanisms between ryanodine and inositol-1,4,5-trisphosphate receptors Yuchi, Zhiguang; Van Petegem, Filip; Crystallographic, R. Channels
2009 An engineered right-handed coiled coil domain imparts extreme thermostability to the KcsA channel Yuchi, Zhiguang; Pau, Victor P. T.; Lu, Bridget X.; et al. FEBS Journal 276
2008 GCN4 enhances the stability of the pore domain of potassium channel KcsA Yuchi, Zhiguang; Pau, Victor P. T.; Yang, Daniel S. C. FEBS Journal 275
2007 Characterization of the C-terminal Domain of a Potassium Channel from Streptomyces lividans (KcsA) Pau, Victor P. T.; Zhu, Yongfang; Yuchi, Zhiguang; et al. Journal of Biological Chemistry 282
2004 Impaired reproduction in transgenic mice overexpressing Gamma-aminobutyric acid transporter I (GAT1) Hu, Jia Hua; Zhang, Jin Fu; Ma, Ying Hua; et al. Cell research 14
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