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Brian Peter Howe ——Lecturer

A205, Building 24, Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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Education Experience
1988-1992 Doctor of Philosophy in Medicinal Chemistry University of Manchester
1985-1986 Master of Science in Analytical Chemistry University of Bristol
1974-1977 Bachelor of Science in Pure Chemistry University of Nottingham
Professional Experience
2014-2018 Chemistry Teacher Wellington College International
Research Area

Gold(III) and gold(I) complexes with anti-tumour activity with similar structures to Auranofin and cis-platin.

The 'hardness' and 'softness' of metal ions and ligands correlates with their polarizabiliry: Metal ions which are small and highly charged e.g. Au(III), and ligands which are small and electronegative, are 'hard', Large, polarizable metal ion or ligand donor atoms are 'soft', The trans-influence is the influence that a ligand has on the strength of the metal-ligand bond trans to itself and increases with the softness of the influencing ligand and influences drug activity. The sequence of increasing softness of some common ligands is: Cl- < Br- < RS- < R3P <ylide < Ar- < R-. Our research has thus been aimed at synthesising similar molecules to test for their anti-tumour properties.


Honors and Awards
Member of the Royal Society of Chemistry, Chartered Chemist, London (1993).
Highlighted Publications
B.P. Howe, R.V. Parish and R.G. Pritchard, Quimica Nova, (1998), 21(5), 564-568
E.A. Dutra, I.S. Martins, D.P. Moura, M. de Queiroz Paulo and B.P. Howe, International Symposium in Biochemistry of Macromolecules and Biotechnology, (1997), Recife, Brazil
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R.V. Parish, B.P. Howe, J.P. Wright, J. Mack, R.G. Pritchard, R.G. Buckley, A.M. Elsome and S. P. Fricker, Inorganic Chemistry, (1996), 35, 1659-1666
R.G. Buckley, A.M. Elsome, S.P. Fricker, G.R. Henderson, B.R.C. Theobald, R.V. Parish, B.P. Howe and L.R. Kelland, Journal of Medicinal Chemistry, (1996), 39, 5208-5214
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