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Automatic Polarimeter

Ø  Chinese Name: 自动旋光仪

Ø  Model: Autopol II

Ø  Instrument number: 20096246

Ø  Manufacturer: Rudolph USA

Ø  Acquisition price: 151655

Ø  Acquisition date: 2009-12-02

Ø  Locate: Room103, 24th building, Wing A

Tianjin University

Ø  Specification:

Technical parameters of Automatic Polarimeter:

u  Measuring mode: optical rotation, specific rotation, concentration, international sugar degree;

u  Measuring range: ± 89 Arc ± 256 Z;

u  Measuring precision: 0.01 Arc;

u  Measuring accuracy: 0.01 Arc0.03 Z;

u  Wave length option: 546 nm589 nm.

Technical parameters of H35 water recirculator

u  Refrigerating capacity (w): 350 @ 25 °C;

u  Temperature control range: 535 °C;

u  Teperature control precision: ± 0.3 °C.

Ø  Main Application:

u  Foodstuff: Control and inspection of production processes of sugar, monosodium glutamate, soy sauce and so on. Determination the sugar degree of food;

u  Health service: Analysis of clinical diabetes;

u  Petroleum: Mineral oil analysis, Petroleum fermentation process monitoring.

u  Perfume: Essential oil analysis;

u  Agriculture:Analysis agricultural antibiotics, household hormone, microbial pesticide, produce starch content;

u  Medicine: Analysis medicines such as antibiotics, vitamins, glucose and so on. Chinese herbal pharmacology research.