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Single punch tablet press

Ø  Chinese Name: 单冲压片机

Ø  Model: DP30A

Ø  Instrument number: 20046015

Ø  Manufacturer:

Beijing Gylongli Sci. & Tech. Co. Ltd

Ø  Acquisition price: 33000

Ø  Acquisition date: 2004-09-01

Ø  Locate: Room104, 24th building, Wing A

Tianjin University

Ø  Specification:

Number of punch top




Max output (tablets/minute)




Tablet diameter (mm)




u  Max filling depth: 16mm;

u  Max compression force: 30kN;

u  Max tablet thickness: 8mm;

u  Main motor power: 0.55kW;

u  Power Supply: AC, 110-220V, 50/60Hz;

u  Overall dimension (LxWxH): 470x750x740mm;

u  Weight: 150kg.

Ø  Main Application:

u  DP Single Punch Tablet Press is widely used for pressing tablets in pharmaceutical, chemical, food and metallurgy industry. It can press round or special shaped tablets from various granular materials. As its features, high precision of filling, low-noise, low-consumption of material, and smooth operation. The minimum consumption of lab material is just 200g. It is reliable and efficient for laboratory use in research & development and for small batch production. It is the best table top single punch tablet press in its kind.