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High performance liquid chromatography

Ø  Chinese Name: 高效液相色谱仪

Ø  Model: LC-10AT vp

Ø  Instrument number: 20021276

Ø  Manufacturer: Shimadzu Japan

Ø  Acquisition price: 123000 Yuan

Ø  Acquisition date: 2002-05-01

Ø  Locate: Room101, 24th building, Wing A

Tianjin University

Ø  Specification:

u  LC-10AT vp Unit pump;

u  Rheodyne 7725i Manual feeding valve;

u  SPD-A vp Uv-vis detector;

u  N2010 Workstation of chromatography data (Zhejiang University Zhida Corporation).

Ø  Main Applications:

u  The purity of conventional HPLC analysis and composition inspection.