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Analytical Balance

Ø  Chinese Name: 分析天平

Ø  Model: XS105DU

Ø  Instrument number: 20095670

Ø  Manufacturer: Mettler Toledo (CH) USA

Ø  Acquisition price:21900

Ø  Acquisition date: 2009-11-11

Ø  Locate: Room103, 24th building, Wing A

Tianjin University

Ø  Specification:

u  Maximum capacity: 41.0 g/ 120.0 g;

u  Readability: 0.01 mg/0.1 mg;

u  Linear: 0.2 mg;

u  Sensitivity(Temperature drift sampling pump): 1.5×10-6/0C •Rnt;

u  External calibration weights: The user Jordan farmar;

u  Internal weights: FACT;

u  Connector: RS232C;

u  Tare range: 0-120 mg;

u  Hurricane globe height: 235 mm;

u  Settling time: 1.5s;

u  Minimum weight(USP, typical): 30mg;

u  Minimum weight: ( typical, U=1%sd=2): 2 mg;

u  Sensitivity deviation: 8x10^-6·Rnt

u  Precision sensitivity8x10^-6·Rnt

u  Sensitivity stability2x10^-6/a·Rnt

u  Maximum weight repeatabilitysd):0.1 mg.

Ø  Main Applications:

u  Stable performance, convenient operation, widely used fot accurate measurement for quality and quantity of items in industrial, mining enterprises, agriculture, military industry, tertiary institutions, scientific research units in various fields.