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1260/6230, TOF LC/MS Agilent, US

ØChinese Name: 液相色谱/质谱(飞行时间质谱)联用

ØModel: 1260/6230

ØManufacture: Agilent

ØAcquisition Date: Dec 24th, 2013

ØAcquisition Price: 1,200,000.00 RMB

ØLocate: Room 501, Building No. 24, TJU


     u Mass resolving power: Greater than 20,000 FWHM

     u Mass accuracy: Better than 2 ppm RMS

     u Mass accuracy temperature stability:  Maintain 2 ppm mass accuracy within 2 °C drift per hour

     u Dynamic range: Up to 5 decades

     u Mass range: m/z 25–20,000

     u Spectral acquisition rate: 20 spectra/second


     uIt can be applied in qualitative and quantitative analysis of the compounds that involve in impurity testing, proteomics, metabolomics, product degradation studies, food safety, forensics, and environmental analysis.