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LC-20AT, HPLC Shimadzu, Japan

ØChinese Name: 高效液相色谱仪

ØModel: Prominence LC-20A

ØManufacture: Shimadzu

ØAcquisition Date: Dec 25th, 2013

ØAcquisition Price: 300,000.00 RMB

ØLocate: Room 501, Building No. 24, TJU


     u Flow range: 0.001-10.000 mL/min

     u Gradient type: High-pressure mixing

     u Injection-volume range: 0.1-100 mL (standard)

     u Number of processed plates: 12

     u Light source: Deuterium (D2) lamp

     u Wavelength range: 190-700 nm

     u Functions: Dual-wavelength detection in the range 190 nm to 370 nm                    and upwards of 371 nm.

     u Withstand pressure of the cell: 12 MPa

     u Temperature range of detector: 4-35 °C

     u Temperature range of column oven: 4-85 °C


     u Qualitative and quantitative analysis of polar and nonpolar compounds is performed based on a sufficient separation.