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SPST Delegation visited Sino-German Research Center


Time: April 22nd, 2015Delegation members:Ms. ZHOU Yan, vice deanMatthias Bureik, professorKenneth Woycechowsky, professor

Professor Kim Baldridge attended The 13rd Conference on International Exchange of Professionals


April 18th, 2015, Professor Kim Baldridge was invited to attend The 13rd Conference on International Exchange of Professionals as “Foreign Expert 1000 talent” in Shenzhen. Mr. MA Kai, vice premier attended the conference.During this meeting, Professor Baldridge got her “National Disting...

Drugs for Bugs from Weeds and Seeds, Chemical Adventures in the Natural World


Time:12:30-14:00, April 17thLocation:Meeting Room 408, Building 24Speaker:Professor Robert P. Borris

Padova University Delegation visited SPST


Time:April 16th, 2015Place:Meeting room 408, Building No. 24

SPST Foreign faculties attended planting “Friendship Forest of Tianjin Overseas Talents”


Time:April 16,2015Place:Dongli Lake Eco ParkSponsor:Tianjin Municipal Administration of Foreign Expert Affairs

kick-off meeting of 973 project (No. 2015CB856500)-----The Fundamental and Frontier Studies of the New Topology of Molecular Functional Carbon Materials


Time: 9:30AM  –15:00 PM, April 14, 2015 Venue:  No.7  meeting room of conference building, TJU