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Health Science Platform Held Activity to Celebrate International Working Women’s Day


On March 8th, 2018, Health Science Platform held International Working Women’s Day celebration activity: female faculty members joined flower arrangement activity, decorating this festival with colorful beautiful flowers.In addition, faculty members also joined the sports entertainment games organiz...

2018 Cooperation Program between FAPESP and Tianjin University


Specific requests for proposals submissions from researchers of the Tianjin University FAPESP and Tianjin University signed a Cooperation Agreement for Research on September 13th, 2016, aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from the Tianjin University,...

Health Science Platform Held Experimental Teaching Meeting


9am Wednesday 24th Jan 2018, Health Science Platform Held Experimental Teaching Meeting at Building No. 24.

Health Science Platform Held 2018 New Year Celebration Party


19th, January, 2018, Health Science Platform Held New Year Celebration Party at HeatHome Coffee Area of Building No. 24. Many platform faculty members attended.

“Technical specification preparation of standard process of TCM decoction pieces” meeting was successfully held in Tianjin University


Venue: Room 406, Building No. 24Time: Saturday, January 13, 2018, 9:30-18:00Attendees:  28 people participated in the meeting, including 5 famous experts in Traditional Chinese Medicine invited from different institutions in China.

Great Success in the Young Teachers Teaching Competition and Young Management Staff Competition of Tianjin University


35 young teachers and 35 young management staff participated in the young teachers teaching competition and the 5th young management staff competition of Tianjin University, held by the Labor Union of TJU in December 2017.Young teachers in School of Life Sciences including Kang Jun, Qin Xiaohong, an...

Nano Biotechnology Team of School of Life Sciences Won 2017 Demonstration Collective of Labor Competition in Tianjin University


Recently, Tianjin University held the 2017 “5 Competitions and 2 Creations” labor competition achievements show and demonstration collectives evaluation conference. Nano biotechnology team of School of Life Sciences won 2017 Demonstration Collective of Labor Competition in Tianjin University, and wa...

Happy New Year


Dear Colleagues, Students, Alumni and Friends,On the occasion of bidding farewell to the year 2017 and ushering in the new year, the Party and Administration Committees of SPST & SLS send here our sincere season’s greetings to all the faculty, students, the retired colleagues, alumni home and ab...

China Daily: Big data could aid research into TCM


Technology can offer a better understanding of the complexities of traditional preparations and how they work. When the human genome was first decoded in the year 2000, scientists expected rapid progress in figuring out how genes affect human characteristics and disease. But that has taken long...