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Dean Jay Siegel donated 280,000 RMB establishing “Health Science Dean Education Funding”


28th, March, 2017, Professor Jay Siegel, dean of Health Science Platform, donated 280,000 RMB to establish “Health Science Dean Education Funding”, for supporting the construction and development of health science discipline.

Professor Michael O. Hottiger pays his second visit to HSP


Professor Michael O. Hottiger, Head of Department of Molecular Mechanisms of Disease, University of Zurich, visits HSP again and will give a short-term course to students during his stay (till 6th April). The course Introduction in Molecular Cell Biology for students will be arranged in 24-408,...

The Result of 2017 PhD Application


Any questions, please contact us at:Tel:   022-87401830 -605022-27406121.Email: graduate_spst@tju.edu.cn.

The research paper from Dr. Nan Li’s group was published and chosen as the front cover article in Nanoscale


Recently, the paper entitled “A single-light triggered and dual-imaging guided multifunctional platform for combined photothermal and photodynamic therapy based on TD-controlled and ICG-loaded CuS@mSiO2” was published by Dr. Nan Li’s group and highlighted as the front cover article in Nanoscale (Nan...

A Crosscultural Dialogue between Chinese and Western Masters on Science and Art


On February 25, 2017, a dialogue took place between Nobel Laureate, Professor Fraser Stoddart and Professor Feng Jicai, the famous Chinese writer, artist and scholar on “Science and Art: A Pair of Wings”. Their historic meeting was at Tianjin University (TJU). Sir Fraser Stoddart received the Nobel ...

Tianjin University hosted the International Symposium on Visionary Trends in Molecular Science


By: Wang Huiting and Ma ZhouEditors: Mian Qin and Christopher Peter ClarkeMedia Contact:Mian Qin“Functional Polymer Materials Designed for Environmental Remediation and Sustainability”, “DNA Nanostructures for Cellular Delivery of Therapeutics”, “Complex Natural Product Synthesis” These intriguing t...

Five Nobel Laureates Share Inspiration in Scientific Careers at Symposium in Tianjin University


By: Tang WeiyiEditors: Mian Qin and Christopher Peter ClarkeMedia Contact:Mian QinAn unprecedented scientific feast was celebrated on February 23rd in Tianjin University - five prestigious Nobel Laureates shared their academic achievements at the Peiyang Nobel Symposium, which also marked three join...

Cooperation Program between FAPESP and Tianjin University


FAPESP and Tianjin University, signed a Cooperation Agreement for Research on September 13th, 2016, aiming to implement scientific and technological cooperation between researchers from Tianjin University, China, and from the State of Sao Paulo, Brazil, through the funding of joint research projects...



Two HUGE Symposiums at Tianjin University in February with BIG name scientists from all over the world! Come join us!l  5位诺贝尔奖大师齐聚天津大学。l  近30位国际顶级科学家共同研讨分子科学与人类科技的未来。l  就在2017年2月!就在天津大学健康科学平台!We are very grateful to the following sponsors for their support (More is coming… …)感谢如下赞助机构(...