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Summer Camp is Calling you~


School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (SPST), important part of the Health Science Platform of Tianjin University will hold Summer Camp for both high school students and university students on July 4-6th 2017.As the first school to pilot the “Network of International Centers for Education...

The American Chemical Society (ACS) JingJinJi Chapter Selected as a Finalist for the ChemLuminary Award


The American Chemical Society (ACS) JingJinJi Chapter has been selected as a finalist for the ChemLuminary Award which will honour an ACS Local Section, Division, and International  Chapter for their efforts in the international realm, particularly in engaging ACS International Chemical Science...

China, Germany and Italy collaborate in Anti-Doping Research funded by the World-Anti-Doping-Agency (WADA)


Professor Matthias Bureik from the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tianjin University in China, Professor Maria Parr from the Free University Berlin, Germany hotlink to http://www.fu-berlin.de/presse/publikationen/tsp/2017/tsp-april-2017/riesensprung-in-der-doping-analyse/index...

Memorandum of Understanding Signing Ceremony


A Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) was signed today by Mr. Stutzmann, Principal of BBS Wirtschaft I Ludwigshafen, Germany, and Prof Jay Siegel Dean of the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (SPST) and School of Life Sciences (SLS) at Tianjin University, China.  The agree...

Prof. Jay Siegel has published a Science perspective entitled “Allotropy by Design: Carbon Nanohoops”


Professor Jay Siegel of Health Science Platform at Tianjin University recently published a perspective article in Science, explaining the design of man-made allotropes of carbon. Particularly, this perspective highlighted the recent discoveries in the Itami group, which were published in the same is...

Health Science Platform Held PEIYANG Forum for Young Scholars


April 18-22, Health Science Platform held Peiyang Forum for Young Scholars in meeting room 408 of Building No. 24, 25 candidates from all over the world attended this forum and gave excellent lectures.

Dean Jay Siegel donated 280,000 RMB establishing “Health Science Dean Education Funding”


28th, March, 2017, Professor Jay Siegel, dean of Health Science Platform, donated 280,000 RMB to establish “Health Science Dean Education Funding”, for supporting the construction and development of health science discipline.