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Jianmin Bao——Professor

Room A606, Building 24, Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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Education Experience
1993 Ph. D. Purdue University
Professional Experience
2004-2015 Professor Tianjin University
2004-2007 Sr. Scientist/Associate Director Theravance, Inc (Formally Advanced Medicine, Inc.), South San Francisco
1993-2000 Sr. Scientist Procter & Gamble Pharmaceuticals, Cincinnati, OH
2005-2008 Summer Intern Genetics Institute, Inc., Andover, MA
1992-1992 Graduate Student Purdue University, W. Lafayette, IN
1987-1989 Graduate Student Miami University, Oxford, OH
Research Area

The research of the Bao group involves 1) development of new analytical technologies, such as (a) wide bore electrophoresis (WBE), which increases sample loading significantly compared to capillary electrophoresis (CE) for better detection and easy interface with MS and other technologies;(b) WBE containing microchip systems; and (c) multi-dimensional separation systems; 2)development of innovative bio/analytical methods such as affinity CE and liquid phase microextraction (LPME) for proteomics and pharmaceutical analysis; 3) development of new separation media including various silica gel, polymeric resin, and even agarose gel based resins and their applications; and 4)new development of miniaturized and high throughput sample preparation techniques, such as fritless SPE, membraneSPE, supported liquid extraction (SLE) and fast protein precipitation, etc. 

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Honors and Awards
Highlighted Publications
Li, X.; Li, Y.; Zhao, L.; Shen, J.; Zhang, Y.; Bao, J. J. Velocity gap mode of capillary electrophoresis developed for high-resolution chiral separations. Electrophoresis 2014, 35, 2778.
Borijihan, G.; Li, Y.; Gao, J.; Bao, J. J. Development of a novel 96-well format for Liquid-Liquid micro-extraction and its application in the HPLC analysis of biological samples. J. Sep. Sci. 2014, 37, 1155.
Liu, D.; Wang, J.; Guo ,Y.; Yuan, R.; Wang, H.; and Bao, J. J. Separation of aromatic acids by wide-bore electrophoresis with nano-particles prepared by electro-spray as pseudostationary phase. Electrophoresis 2008, 29, 863.
Yang, Y.; Bao, J. An electrical pumping approach to eliminate sample bias in capillary electrokinetic injection. Electrophoresis 2007, 28, 1063.
Yuan, R.; Ding, G.; Guo, Y.; Liu, D.; Bao, J. J. Wide bore monolithic column for electrochromatography. Electrophoresis 2007, 28, 1674.
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