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Fengping Tan ——Associate Professor

Room 412-4, Building 24, Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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Education Experience
2002 Ph. D. W. China Center of Medical Sciences, Sichuan U., C
2004 Postdoctoral Tsinghua University, China
Professional Experience
Research Area

The research in the group of Tan involves investigation into drug delivery systems.  This encompasses a) oral drug delivery systems, b) chronopharmaceutical drug delivery systems (ChrDDS), c) topical transdermal drug deliver and associated enhancements, and d) microencapsulation techniques.


Honors and Awards
Highlighted Publications
Yu, M.; Ma H.; Lei M.; Li N.; Tan F. In vitro/in vivo characterization of nanoemulsion formulation of metronidazole with improved skin targeting and anti-rosacea properties. Eur. J. Pharmaceut. Biopharmaceut. 2014, 88, 92.
Wang, J.; Guo, F.; Ma,M.; Li,N.; Tan, F. Development of ketoconazole nanovesicular system using 1,2-hexanediol and 1,4-cyclohexanediol for dermal targeting delivery: physicochemical characterization and in vitro/in vivo evaluation. J. Nanopart. Res. 2014, 16, 2505.
Li, N.; Jia, W.; Zhang Y.; Zhang, M. C.; Tan, F.; Zhang, J. Effect of Hydrocarbon Chain Length in 1,2-Alkanediols on Percutaneous Absorption of Metronidazole: Toward Development of a General Vehicle for Controlled Release. AAPS Pharmscitech. 2014, 15, 354.
Li, S.; Wan, S.; Liang, Q.; Tan, F.; Li, N. Development and validation of a stability indicating capillary electrophoresis method for the determination of risedronate in tablets. J. Liq. Chromatogr. & Rel. Tech. 2013, 36, 1054.
Wan, S.; Sun, Y.; Sun, L.; Tan, F. Chitosan microparticles for oral bioavailability improvement of the hydrophobic drug curcumin. Pharmazie 2012, 67, 525.
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