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Juan Wang——Lecturer

Room A507, Building 24, Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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Education Experience
2009-2012 Ph. D. Tianjin University, CN
Professional Experience
2012- Lecture Tianjin University
Research Area

Wang’s research addresses biological engineering studies of traditional Chinese medicine. Producing active compounds of important Chinese medicine through large scale tissue culture. What is more, in order to enhance the contents of active components, regulations of gene function in secondary metabolic pathways of active components are also investigated.

Honors and Awards
Research team of 2015, SPST, Tianjin university
高文远,李建丽,王娟,李静,李金鑫,刘书杰. 一种提高甘草不定根中黄酮化合物含量的组培方法. CN20151076169.X
高文远,王娟,李金鑫,李静,李建丽,刘书杰. 采用两种诱导子促进西洋参不定根中皂苷积累的方法. CN201510255597
高文远,王娟,李金鑫,李静,李建丽,刘书杰. 采用两种诱导子促进人参不定根中皂苷积累的方法. CN201510254483
高文远; 李静; 王娟. 三七细胞悬浮培养的方法. CN201410113439.5
高文远; 王娟; 李金鑫; 李静; 李建丽; 刘书杰. 三七不定根的诱导及组织培养方法. CN201510075978
Highlighted Publications
Juan Wang*, Jin-Xin Li, Jian-Li Li, Shu-Jie Liu, Xiao-Lei Wu, Jing Li and Wenyuan Gao*. Transcriptome profiling shows gene regulation patterns in ginsenoside pathway in response to methyl jasmonate in Panax Quinquefolium adventitious root. Scientific Reports. 2016, 6: 37263
JX Li, SJ Liu, J Wang*, J Li, DH Liu, JL Li, WY Gao*. Fungal elicitors enhance ginsenosides biosynthesis, expression of functional genes as well as signal molecules accumulation in adventitious roots of Panax ginseng C. A. Meyer. Journal of Biotechnology. 2016, 239: 106–114
JL. Li, J. Wang*, J. Li, J.X. Li, S.J. Liu, W.Y. Gao*. Protein elicitor isolated from Escherichia coli induced bioactive compound biosynthesis as well as gene expression in Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch adventitious roots. RSC Advances. 2016, 6, 111622–111631
J Wang, J Zhang, WY Gao*, Q Wang, SS Yin, H Liu, SL Man (2013) Identification of triterpenoids and flavonoids, step-wise aeration treatment as well as antioxidant capacity of Glycyrrhiza uralensis Fisch. cell. Industrial crops and products 49: 675– 681
J Wang, SL Man, WY Gao*, LM Zhang, LQ Huang (2013) Cluster analysis of ginseng tissue cultures, dynamic change of growth, total saponins, specific oxygen uptake rate in bioreactor and immuno-regulative effect of ginseng adventitious root. Industrial crops and products 41:57-63
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