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Jin Chang ——Professor

School of Life Sciences
School of Life Sciences
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Education Experience
1981-1986 Bachelor Dept. of Medicine, Medicine Tianjin Medical University
1988-1991 M.S. Dept. of Public Health, Toxicology Tianjin Medical University
1991-1994 Ph. D. Institute of Polymer Chemistry, Polymer Chemistry Nankai University
1995-1997 Postdoctoral Dept. of Chem. Eng., Biochemistry Engineering Tianjin University
Professional Experience
1986-1988 Assistant Engineer Tianjin Food Research Institute
1994-1995 Research Assistant Nankai University
1997-1999 Associate Professor Tianjin University
2000-2002 Senior Visiting Scientist University of Michigan
1999-2014 Director & Professor Institute of Nanobiotechnology,Tianjin University
2014- Director & Professor Tianjin Engineering Center of Micro-Nano Biomaterials and Detection-Treatment.Tianjin University
Research Area

Application of Nanobiomaterials and Nanobiotechnology in the Diagnosis and Treatment of Some Major Diseases, Such as Cancer, Alzheimer’s disease, Heart disease, Infectious Diseases and etc.

Quantum dots based POCT test strip and reader for tumor markers . Targeting effect of multi-functional nanoprobe  in brest cancer and glioma of rats

Honors and Awards
2014 National Outstanding Scientists from Chinese Association of Science and Technology.
2013 First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award from Tianjin Science and Technology Committee
2012 First Prize of Scientific and Technological Progress Award from Tianjin Science and Technology Committee
2012 Science Transmission Star from Tianjin Association of Science and Technology.
2010 Outstanding Scientists from Tianjin Association of Science and Technology
2003 Outstanding Oversea Scientists from Tianjin Municipal Government
2002 Whitaker Award from Particles 2002, U.S.A
More than 60 Chinese invention patents (25 authorized and 38 pending).
Highlighted Publications
5 Hanjie Wang, Peiqi Zhao, Xiaofei Liang, Xiaqun Gong, Ruifang Niu, Jin Chang* Folate-PEG coated cationic modified chitosan – cholesterol liposomes for tumor-targeted drug delivery Biomaterial, 2010, 31(14): 4129–4138 ( IF:8.56)
4. Zhenyu Liao , Han Jie Wang, Xiaodong Wang, Peiqi Zhao, Sheng Wang, Jin Chang* Multifunctional Nanoparticles Composed of A Poly( DL-lactide-coglycolide) Core and A Paramagnetic Liposome Shell for Simultaneous Magnetic Resonance Imaging and Targeted Therapeutics. Advanced Functional Materials,2011, 21 (6) 1179-1186. ( IF: 11.81)
3. Guo, Weisheng; Sun, Xiaolian; Jacobson, Orit; Yan, Xuefeng; Min, Kyung Hyun; Srivatsan, Avinash; Niu, Gang; Kiesewetter, Dale; Chang, Jin*; Chen, Xiaoyuan* Intrinsically Radioactive [64Cu]CuInS/ZnS Quantum Dots for PET and Optical Imaging: Improved Radiochemical Stability and Controllable Cerenkov Luminescence. ACS Nano,2015, 9 (1) 488-95. ( IF: 12.88)
2. Yan Dou, Yanyan Guo, Xiaodong Li, Xue Li, Sheng Wang, Lin Wang, Guoxian Lv, Xuening Zhang, Hanjie Wang, Xiaoqun Gong, Jin Chang* Size-Tuning Ionization to Optimize Gold Nanoparticles for Simultaneous Enhanced CT Imaging and Radiotherapy ACS Nano,2016, 10 (2), 2536–2548 ( IF: 12.88)
1. Bin Zheng, Lin Su, Huizhuo Pan, Beibei Hou, Xiaoli Wu, Xiaoqun Gong, HanjieWang*, Jin Chang*. NIR-remote selected activationgene expression in living cells by upconverting micro rods. Advanced Materials,2016, 28 (4) 707-714 ( IF: 17.49)
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