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Hanjie Wang——Associate Professor

Office 206, Building 15, Weijin Road, Nankai District, Tianjin, China
School of Life Sciences
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Education Experience
2003-2007 Bachelor of Science Materials Science Tianjin University
2007-2009 M.S. Materials Science Tianjin University
2009-2012 Ph. D. Materials Science Tianjin University
2012-2013 Postdoctoral Bioengineering National University of Singapore
Professional Experience
2013-2015 Assistant Professor Tianjin University
2013-2015 Associate Professor Tianjin University
Research Area

Developing innovative methods of nanomaterials synthesis and fabrication techniques for directed assembly of multi-functional nanocomplex from polymers, mental naoparticles and organic-inorganic hybrids.


Honors and Awards
Granted “Method for preparation of mitoxantrone loaded polymeric liposome”, China Patent (ZL 2010 1 0131984.9).
Granted “A new kind of method for preparation of magnetic-fluorescent sphere”, China Patent (ZL 2010 1 0129442.8.)
Highlighted Publications
Hanjie Wang, Zhongyun Liu, Sheng Wang, Chunhong Dong, Xiaoqun Gong, Peiqi Zhao, and Jin Chang. MC540 and Upconverting Nanocrystal Coloaded Polymeric Liposome for Near-Infrared Light-Triggered Photodynamic Therapy and Cell Fluorescent Imaging. ACS Applied Materials & interfaces, 2014, 6 (5), 3219-25.
Hanjie Wang, Peiqi Zhao, Wenya Su, Sheng Wang, Zhenyu Liao, Ruifang Niu, and Jin Chang. PLGA / polymeric liposome for targeted drug and gene co-delivery. Biomaterials, 2010, 31(33), 8741-8748.
Hanjie Wang, Shuangnan Zhang, Zhenyu Liao, Chunyuan Wang, Yang Liu, Shiqing Feng, Xinguo Jiang, and Jin Chang. PEGlated magnetic polymeric liposome anchored with TAT for delivery of drugs across the blood-spinal cord barrier. Biomaterials, 2010, 31(25), 6589-6596.
Hanjie Wang, Peiqi Zhao, Xiaofei Liang, Xiaoqun Gong, Tao Song, Ruifang Niu, and Jin Chang. Folate-PEG coated cationic modified chitosan - Cholesterol liposomes for tumor-targeted drug delivery. Biomaterials, 2010, 31(14), 4129-4138.
Bin Zheng, Lin Su, Huizhuo Pan, Beibei Hou, Ying Zhang, Fang Zhou, Xiaoli Wu, Xiaoqun Gong, Wang Hanjie*, Jin Chang. NIR‐Remote Selected Activation Gene Expression in Living Cells by Upconverting Microrods, Advanced Materials. 2016, 28, 707–714
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