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Xiaoli Wu——Lecturer

Tianjin University
School of Life Sciences
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Education Experience
2002-2006 Bachelor of Agricultural Science Biotechnology Agricultural University of Hebei
2007-2010 M.S. Microbiology Nankai University
2010-2013 Ph. D. Biochemistry and Molecular biology Nankai University
Professional Experience
2013- Lecturer Tianjin University
Research Area

Investigate interactions between innate immunity and Hepatitis B virus infection

Probing the mechanism of how innate immune cells (eg: gd T cells) affected by HBV infectious environment as well as roles of innate immune cells in diseases progression

Use different type of nanoparticles as vector, explore new way in diagnosis and treatment of liver fibrosis and hepatocarcinoma.


Honors and Awards
Highlighted Publications
1. Xiaoli Wu, Jiyuan Zhang, Yuanyuan Li, Ang Huang, Song Zhang, Fusheng Wang, Zhinan Yin Decreased V2 T cells associate with liver damage through regulating Th17 production in chronic hepatitis B patients J. Infectiouse Diseases 2013 Oct 15;208(8):1294-304
2. Jiyuan Zhang, Xiaoli Wu, Bin Yang, Zheng Zhang, Fusheng Wang Upregulation of OX40 ligand on monocytes contributes to early virological control in patients with chronic hepatitis C: impact on sustained virological control European J. Immunology (co-author) 2013 Jul;43(7):1953-62
3. Hao, J., Wu, X., Xia, S., Li, Z., Wen, T., Zhao, N., Wu, Z., Wang, P., Zhao, L., Yin, Z. (2010) Current progress in gammadelta T-cell biology. Cell Mol Immunol 7, 409-13.
4. Zhang song, Liang ruifang, Luo wei, Liu chang, Xiaoli Wu, Gao, Yanyan, Zhinan Yin High susceptibility to liver injury in IL-27 p28 conditional knockout mice involves intrinsic interferon-γ dysregulation of CD4+ T cells. Hepatology 2013 Apr;57(4):1620-31
5. Zheng B, Su L, Pan H, Hou B, Zhang Y, Zhou F, Wu X, Gong X, Wang H, Chang J. NIR-Remote Selected Activation Gene Expression in Living Cells by Upconverting Microrods. Adv Mater. 2016 Jan;28(4):707-14.
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