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Anita Das——

B601 No.24 building of Tianjin University
School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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Education Experience
2003-2006 B.Sc. Mathematics and Physics Chemistry University of Calcutta
2006-2008 M.S. Physical Chemistry University of Calcutta
2009-2014 Ph. D. Physical Chemistry University of Calcutta
Professional Experience
2009-2014 doctor University of Calcutta
2014-2015 post-doctor Texas Tech University
Research Area

1、Electronic an charge transfer state in stacked π-conjugated polymer chains

2、Multireference investigations on polyradical systems and graphene defect structure.

Honors and Awards
Fellowship from Department of Science and Technology (DST)
. Qualified National Eligibility Test (NET – 2008) under CSIR fellowship
Highlighted Publications
Jahn–Teller intersections involving excited states of the F + H2 system: Identification and influence on the reaction system
Study of Nonadiabatic Effects in Low-Lying Electronic States of HCNH with Implication in Its Dissociation to HCN and HNC
A tri-atomic Renner-Teller system entangled with Jahn-Teller conical intersections
Dressed Adiabatic and Diabatic Potentials for the Renner−Teller/Jahn−Teller F + H2 System
Dressed Adiabatic and Diabatic Potentials to study topological effects for F + H2
Investigation of Plausible Mechanism Pathways in Hydrogenation of η5-(C5H5)2Ta(H)=CH2: An Analysis using DFT and AIM Techniques
The Polyradical Character of Triangular non-Kekulé Structures, Zethrenes, pQuinodimethane Linked Bisphenalenyl and the Clar Goblet in Comparison: An ExtendedMultireference Study
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