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Zhang Shujun——

School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
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Education Experience
2012-2016 Doctor of Science Biochemistry and molecular biology Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Tech
2009-2012 Master of Science Microbiology SIchuan University
2004-2008 Bachelor of Science biotechnology Shandong Agricultural University
Professional Experience
Research Area

Precision medical;

Early diagnosis kit of liver cancer based on third generation sequencing technology.

Honors and Awards
Awarded the first prize of "Zhangdong Ke Academy Scholarship" award ;
Awarded the title of "excellent doctoral graduates of Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Acadamy of Sciences";
Awarded the title of "three good student of Qingdao Institute of Bioenergy and Bioprocess Technology, Chinese Acadamy of Sciences";
Awarded the title of "excellent master's degree of Sichuan University";
Awarded the title of "excellent master of Sichuan University".
张树军. 培养皿. 专利号:ZL 201420165968.5. 已授权
张树军. 连体移液枪头. 专利号:ZL 201520921938.7. 已授权
姚礼山, 宋乡飞, 王业飞, 张树军.一种改良性能的纤维素内切酶Cel7B突变体.专利号: 201410112573.3.
Highlighted Publications
Shujun Zhang, Yefei Wang, Xiangfei Song, Jingbo Hong, Yu Zhang, Lishan Yao. Improving Trichoderma reesei Cel7B thermostability by targeting the weak spots[J]. Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling, 2014, 54(10):2826-2833.
Yefei Wang, Shujun Zhang, Xiangfei Song, Lishan Yao. Cellulose chain binding free energy drives the processive move of cellulases on the cellulose surface[J]. Biotechnology & Bioengineering, 2016. DOI 10.1002/bit.25970.
Xiangfei Song, Shujun Zhang, Yefei Wang, Jingwen Li, Chunyan He, Lishan Yao. A kinetic study of Trichoderma reesei Cel7B catalyzed cellulose hydrolysis[J]. Enzyme & Microbial Technology, 2016, 87, 9–16.
Xiangfei Song, Yefei Wang, Shujun Zhang, Shihai Yan,Tong Li,and Lishan Yao. Chara -cterization of the dielectric constant in the Trichoderma reesei Cel7B active site [J]. Journal of Chemical Information & Modeling, 2015, 55, 1369−1376;
Yefei Wang, Xiangfei Song, Shujun Zhang, Jingwen Li, Zhiyu Shu, Chunyan He, Qingshan Huang, Lishan Yao. Improving the activity of Trichoderma reesei Cel7B through stabilizing the transition state[J]. Biotechnology & Bioengineering, 2016, 113(6): 1171–1177.
Fangwen Bai, Wei Yan, Shujun Zhang, Dong Yu, Linhan Bai. Immobilized lipase of reconstructed oil bodies and its potential application in biodiesel production[J]. Fuel, 2014, 128(14):340-346.
Zhang Shujun, Yan wei, Bai fangwen and Bai Linhan. Development of purification method via natural oil bodies for prokaryotic expression protein[J].Journal of Sichuan University (Natural Science Edition)2013, 50(05):1137-1140.
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