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Postdoctoral Position: Molecular Design and Synthesis Center

Postdoctoral Position: Health Science Platform, Molecular Design and Synthesis Center, Tianjin University, Tianjin, China Seeks Applications for Charles D. Tenney Career Development Research Fellow + Several Postdoctorial Research Associates

We are looking for several enthusiastic, highly motivated, and science driven molecular scientists to work with Professors Jay Siegel, Erik Sorensen and Jianhui Huang as postdoctoral research associates on the molecular design and chemical syntheses of molecules for drug discovery and material purposes. More specifically, these projects will involve the synthesis and evaluations of molecular structure-property relationships. An international competitive salary will be provided.


Your qualifications


Applicants should have a basic academic degree and PhD in molecular sciences (or have submitted your thesis prior to taking up your appointment). Expertise in synthetic chemistry, medicinal chemistry, and physical organic chemistry is crucial. Prior experience working in air sensitive, glove box and advance spectroscopic methods is desirable. Candidates must have the ability to work in multi-team, communication skills and experience in the supervision of graduate students.


Applications received before June 17 2018 will be given full consideration; however exceptional candidates are always encouraged to apply.



For enquiries and to apply please contact jhuang@tju.edu.cn

Postdoctoral Position at Prof. Jianyu Zhang’s Group, SPST, Health Science Platform, Tianjin Univ

Job Description

Applications are invited for a Postdoctoral Fellow position in the lab of Prof. Jianyu Zhang at Health Platform, Tianjin University.  His research theme is investigating mechanism of bio-active molecular transfer reaction in enzyme or in solution and the corresponding drug rational design.  His lab is seeking a highly-motivated applicant interested in mechanism study to join his research group.



Ph.Ds with a solid background in one of the following field: organic chemistry, physical chemistry, analytical chemistry, chemical biology, biochemistry are encouraged to apply. To apply, please send an updated CV, a letter of interest and the contact information of 2-3 referees to Jianyu.Zhang@tju.edu.cn



An international level salary will be offered, in addition to inexpensive postdoctoral housing on campus will be afforded. 


Applicants are encouraged to apply the Charles D. Tenney postdoc fellow, which will double the salary and also award corresponding starting funding.


For detailed information about Zhang’s Group, please visit:


Opening for Students and Postdoctoral Fellow Positions in Neurodegenerative Disorders


Our laboratory’s interest is to elucidate novel molecular mechanisms that underlie pathological neuronal death and neuronal regeneration and to provide the new therapeutic strategy to treat neurodegenerative disorders. Currently, we focus on the neurodegenerative disorders caused by imbalanced protein posttranslational modifications. Using genetically-manipulated mouse models combined with an array of modern techniques including Mass Spectrometry, RAN-seq, and advanced microscopy, we are engaged in revealing the genetic pathway and molecular insights that underlie these disorders and discovering new therapeutic targets. For detailed information, please visit http://health.tju.edu.cn/oneschool/Front/Biography/view/slug/504/staffType/Faculty



·       For students (Undergraduates and graduates)

Interested in our research topics with a background of biology, biochemistry, or chemistry.


·       For the Postdoctoral position, PhDs with working experience in Mass Spectrometry, Molecular Biology, Genetics, Reproduction, or Neuroscience are encouraged to apply. To apply, please send an updated CV and the contact information of 3 referees to huiyuan.wu@tju.edu.cn.



Dr. Huiyuan Wu

School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology

Tianjin University

A205, Building 24#, 92#Weijin Road, Tianjin, 300072

Email: huiyuan.wu@tju.edu.cn


Nakamura lab at SPST Tianjin University is looking for post-doctoral scientist

A postdoctoral position is available in Nakamura’s lab in the Health Sciences Platform at Tianjin University (http://health.tju.edu.cn).

This position involves carrying out research on molecular mechanism of mechanotransduction (机械力信号转导), a conversion of mechanical forces into cellular biochemical signals. Mechanotransduction is essential for many physiological processes in diverse organisms during development and maintenance of all tissues. The group uses a wide range of techniques including proteomics, microscopy, molecular biology, and cell biology. The successful candidate will work on one or more projects including: Identification of molecules involved in mechanotransduction and their characterization, Molecular mechanism of force-induce cellular differentiation and contact inhibition.


Required Qualifications: Successful applicants must have a recent PhD in Biochemistry, Cell Biology, Proteomics, or Cancer Biology, relevant experience in related fields, and a willingness to learn a variety of techniques.


Interested individuals should submit 1) a cover letter describing research experiences and interests, and career goals, 2) curriculum vitae, 3) a list of two references with contact information including mailing address, phone number and email address, and 4) up to two relevant reprints to fnakamura@tju.edu.cn.


Initial review of applications will begin immediately. Recruitment will remain open until position is filled.

Kim lab at SPST Tianjin University is looking for an enthusiastic post-doctoral scientist and students

We are interested in understanding the DNA repair mechanism in the germline. In specific, we focused on investigating the Epigenetic regulation of DNA damage response and repair. We use a microscopic size nematode C. elegans as a model organism to study repair mechanism.

It is a new lab and a hired post-doc and students will work on his/her research project as well as setting up a proper lab environment.

Lab activity is English based. For a student position, E-mail me with your brief introduction. For a post-doc position, please E-mail me your CV, and previous and future research project written in English. Selective candidate will do a skype interview.

Please find more information at the lab homepage.



E-mail:  hkim@hms.harvard.edu


Highlighted Publications

Kim HM and Colaiácovo MP. CRISPR-Cas9-guided Genome Engineering in C. elegans. Current Protocols in Molecular Biology, 2016.

Norris AD*, Kim HM*, Colaiácovo MP and Calarco JA. Efficient Genome Editing in Caenorhabditis elegans with a Toolkit of Dual Marker Selection Cassettes. 2015 Aug Genetics. (*Co-first author)

Kim HM# and Colaiácovo MP#. DNA damage sensitivity assays in Caenorhabditis elegans. Bio-protocol (ISSN: 2331- 8325), 2015 Mar. (#Co-correspondence)

Kim HM and Colaiácovo MP. ZTF-8 interacts with the 9-1-1 complex and is required for DNA damage response and double-strand break repair in the C. elegans germline. PLOS Genet, 2014 Oct 10(10): e1004723.

Kim HM and Colaiácovo MP. New Insights into the Post-Translational Regulation of DNA Damage Response and Double-Strand Break Repair in Caenorhabditis elegans. Genetics. 2015 Jun;200(2):495-504.

Kim HM, Narayanan V, Mieczkowski PA, Petes TD, Krasilnikova MM, Mirkin SM and Lobachev KS, 'Chromosome fragility at GAA tracts in yeast depends on repeat orientation and requires mismatch repair', EMBO Journal, Nov 2008, vol.27, pp.2896-906

Postdoctoral Associate in the laboratory of Professor Jon C. Antilla

Location: Professor Jon Antilla’s organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry
laboratory and office at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology
(SPST) in Tianjin University (TJU).
Necessary Background and Qualifications:
• PhD in organic chemistry or a closely related field (pharmaceutical sciences)
where the investigations relied heavily on organic synthesis.
Research area:
• 1) The development of novel methodology for chemical synthesis and its
potential application to medicinal chemistry.
• 2) A more dedicated and direct medicinal chemistry project with a clear
pharmaceutical target. The work will include novel entry into a class of
pharmacologically active targets and the medicinal chemistry to improve the
efficacy and potential of such targets.
• International level salary (13,800 RMB per month, but more depending on
experience). Note that taxes will be taken out from this amount in accordance
with the laws of the Chinese government.
• Inexpensive and spacious postdoctoral housing on campus.
• Professor Antilla can utilize his connections to help in further work abroad or
within China if the applicant serves at least one year as a postdoc.
Professor Jon Antilla
TJU/SPST Building 24
Room: B610
Phone: 186-9805 5848

Postdoctoral Fellow in Natural Pharmaceutical Chemistry -Professor Haixia Chen’s Group

Research directions

The discovery, structural optimization, structure-activity relationship and mechanism of action research of active constituents in traditional Chinese medicine or natural resources (including biological molecules and small molecules), which exhibit antidiabetic, hypolipidemic, antitumor and antibacterial activities;
The exploration &development, quality criteria of new Chinese herbal medicine and functional food;
High throughput investigation of natural product chemistry, the rapid micro- structure analysis and activity screening of natural products.


Initiate new project, or participate the national high technology research and development program (863) project, national natural science foundation of China (NSFC) etc, or engaging in business cooperation, or participate in other important research projects.
Prepare research presentations (both oral and written) on experimental results. 
Communicate results and participate in seminars/symposia and group meetings.
Assist in directing students, manuscript preparation and grant proposal writing.


Under 40 years old.
PhD degree (or has passed the defense and will get doctoral degree before August 2016) in medical, pharmaceutical, natural products chemistry, food chemistry or nutrition;
Skillful at Chinese Traditional Medicine, pharmacology, natural product chemistry, molecular biology, food chemistry and nutrition; 
Fluently reading and speaking English.

Following China national wage criteria for postdoc and corresponding allowance based on performance in research projects.
How to Apply

Please submit your curriculum vita which includes your current and future research interests, full list of publications. Send E-mail titled with “Application for postdoctoral” to chenhx@tju.edu.cn before July 1, 2016.


Postdoctoral Fellows in Supramolecular, Surface, Materials Chemistry


Institute for Molecular Design and Synthesis, School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology, Tianjin University



The Institute for Molecular Design and Synthesis within Tianjin University’s School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology has openings for 4 postdoctoral positions in ‘Development of new functional organic materials’, with emphasis in supramolecular chemistry, surface science/surface chemistry, and molecular switches. The materials under investigation will include small molecules as well as well-defined macromolecular systems. We are interested in fundamental characteristics on both the individual as well as the supramolecular level, as well as their use in complex scaffolds (multivalent detection, metal-organic frameworks, nanoparticulates, etc. eventually leading to 3) incorporation of these macromolecular components into device settings with a wide range of applications from drug delivery to molecular electronics.

Postdoctoral fellows will be part of a vibrant collaborative international team of 4 research professors and their groups within the Institute for Molecular Design (Mark Olson, Fraser Stoddart, Andrew Sue, Han Zuilhof).


Key Responsibilities:

* Synthesize and characterize novel molecules and functional materials.

* Participate in and oversee a variety of research projects within a group of diverse scientists

* Prepare research presentations (both oral and written) on experimental results.

* Communicate results and participate in seminars/symposia and group meetings.

* Assist in directing students, manuscript preparation and grant proposal writing.


Well-qualified candidates will have one or more of the following criteria:

* Experience in organic synthesis, purification, and characterization

* Background in materials science, soft matter chemistry or supramolecular chemistry

* Experience with drug delivery systems, molecular electronics, molecular switches, and molecular machines

* Experience in X-ray crystallography, crystal engineering, and Materials Studio software.


In addition to at least one of the above, the following are required qualifications:

* Ph.D. in Chemistry, Materials Science, Chemical Engineering, or a related discipline

* Demonstrated record of accomplishment and achievement documented by scientific publications and presentations

* Evidence of ability to work as an independent researcher with a high level of scientific judgment and competency

* Demonstrated ability to collaborate and effectively communicate with colleagues and peers within a diverse research team


How to Apply: Please submit a cover letter outlining your current and future research interests, a curriculum vitae which includes your full list of publications, and the names of at least two references to Prof. Mark Olson (molson@tju.edu.cn), Prof. Andrew Sue (andrew.sue@tju.edu.cn), and Prof. Han Zuilhof (han.zuilhof@wur.nl).


PhD Position in Bioinformatics in SPST, TJU

Position: PhD Studentship

Research Area: Bioinformatics 

Full/Part Time: Full Time

Investigator: Goh, Wilson Wen Bin; Zhang, Guanglan

Date Posted: 16 Jan 2016

Description: The School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (SPST) at Tianjin University (TU), is seeking PhD applicants to contribute to its bioinformatics initiatives as part of an ongoing research platform between Prof Wilson Goh (Tianjin University) and Prof Guanglan Zhang (Boston University/Harvard Medical School).

We are seeking applicants with interest in 1/ analysis of large and highly heterogeneous clinical datasets, 2/ interest in data management issues in healthcare informatics and 3/ immuno-informatics. For details on our research, please refer to https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Wilson_Goh and https://www.researchgate.net/profile/Guanglan_Zhang.

Application: Please send your CV, an outline of your research interests, and names, phone numbers and email addresses of two referees to Dr. Wilson Goh (WILSON.GOH@TJU.EDU.CN) and Dr. Guanglan Zhang (GUANGLAN@BU.EDU). 

Requirements: The candidate should have a background in any quantitative discipline (e.g. Computing, Bioinformatics, Biostatistics, Physics, Mathematics), an excellent command of spoken/written English and/or be highly independent and goal-driven. He/she should also have:

Good knowledge of statistics and mathematics

Skilled in database management

Proficiency in any one (or more) of the following scripting languages (PERL, Python, R, UNIX, Matlab, Java, C++)

Basic knowledge in biochemistry, molecular biology, network biology and mass spectrometry

Candidates with additional experience in gene expression analysis (microarray, NGS) will be considered more favorably.



Postdoctoral Position in Health Economics & Pharmaceutical Economics

Employer: Tianjin University
Location: Tianjin, China
Application deadline: July 1, 2016
This postdoc position is devoted to theoretical and/or empirical health-economics and pharmaceutical economics research. The applicant may therefore be active within all areas within health economics that apply economic theory and methods on issues related to health and health related policy. The applicant is encouraged to formulate his or her own research ideas, either as a complement to or an extension of current research efforts at School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology and Centre for Public management.
Initiate new researches, or join in national projects including NSFC and NSSFC funded projects, or work for large-scale household health survey, or participate in health insurance claims related data analysis. 
(1)Under 40 years old;

(2) PhD (or candidate who will get doctoral degree before Aug 2016) in economics, sociology, public management, health economics, or pharmaceutical science; 

(3) Skillful at medical statistics or econometrics; 

(4) Fluently reading and speaking English.
Following China national wage criteria for postdoc and corresponding allowance based on performance in research projects.
Send E-mail titled with “Application for postdoctoral” to jingwu@tju.edu.cn
Employer website: http://www.tju.edu.cn/pharm/ 


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