High pressure homogenizer

Ø  Chinese Name: 高压均质机

Ø  Model: Panda Plus

Ø  Instrument Number:2011995384

Ø  Manufacturer: Italy Niro-Soavi

Ø  Acquisition price:159568.42

Ø  Acquisition date: 2011-12-07

Ø  Locate: Room104, 24thbuilding,

Wing A Tianjin University

Ø  Specification:

u  Tunable pressure range: 0~2000 Bar;

u  Homogenizing valve Material:

RE+ ceramic homogenizing valve;

u  Pressure module materials: SAF2507 special bidirectional stainless steel (via ultrasonic flaw detection). According to ISO9001 quality system standard production, the safety standard implement the European CE mandatory standard;

u  Pressure adjustment: manually adjust the pressure, the pressure continuously adjustable, adjustment range: 0-2000Bar;

u  Processing capacity: 9 L/h~20 L/h; minimal processing capacity: 15 mL; continuous injection;

u  Special solid ceramic plungers, with special seals and gaskets, no lubrication.

Ø  Main Applications:

This equipment can be used for cell wall broken, biological engineering, enzyme engineering, emulsion, dairy, infusion, lipid emulsion, liposomes, the main function and purpose as follows:

u  Broken Escherichia coli under operating pressure of 1000bar;

u  Preparation of emulsion and dairy

u  High pressure homogenization for preparing liposomes;

u  Other applications in bioengineering and enzyme engineering.