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Dear colleagues, alumni and friends: In 2001, the year of snake according to Chinese zodiac, TU established the school of pharmaceutical science and technology with founding Dean Prof. Kang Zhao at th...
Upcoming Events
  • Seminar:(362)Rewiring Cell Surfaces with click chemistry for applications in cell biology and tissue engineering

    Speaker:Prof. Muhammad N. Yousaf, Department of Chemistry, York University, Toronto, Canada

    Time: July 19th, Friday, 2:00 pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C406

  • Seminar:(361)Economic Analysis of Medical Insurance System

    Speaker:Dr. Chaohui Dong, Research Fellow in Chinese Academy of Labour and Social Security

    Time: July 14th, Sunday, 3:00 pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C406

  • Seminar:(360)Development of Efficient Catalytic Methods for Carbohydrate Synthesis

    Speaker:Prof. Weiping Tang, Professor, School of Pharmacy and Department of Chemistry, University of Wisconsin-Madison

    Time: July 4th, Thursday, 3:00 pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C406

  • Seminar:( (359) ) Supramolecular Functional Chemistry

    Speaker:Prof. Stefan Matile, Professor and Chair, School of Chemistry and Biochemistry, University of Geneva

    Time: June 27, Thursday |3:00 pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C406

  • Seminar:(358)Utilizing signal transduction networks to inform functional endpoints

    Speaker: Prof. Jonathan Boyd, West Virginia University School of Medicine

    Time: June 14, Friday |3:00 pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C206