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Welcome from SPST

Dear colleagues, alumni and friends:

In 2001, the year of snake according to Chinese zodiac, TJU established the school of pharmaceutical science and technology with founding Dean Prof. Kang Zhao at the helm and a charter theme to deliver high-standard basic education, to train experts at scientific and technical levels and to serve the society for better living.

Great success has been made over the last decade; our undergraduate and postgraduate alumni are working as key players all over the world and original research from SPST PI's has been attained international recognition for its excellence.

One zodiac cycle later, 2013 marks again the year of snake and signals the start of our second round of development with a focus on academic excellence and fully integrated international scholarship.

The road ahead is a great challenge; we will undergo a major faculty expansion with an extensive international hiring campaign as well as a substantial capital infrastructure improvement plan. As proposed in the 5 –year plan (2013-2018), a reform will take place affecting teaching, research and internal operations. To make SPST accessible to scholars of excellence from all corners of the globe, English will be the official language used throughout the school. Through the recruitment of a reasonable proportion of international faculty and students SPST will offer an unprecendented cosmopolitan scholastic environment.

Teaching of undergraduate, postgraduate and long distance learning will be a main focus within the school. Students completing the program at any level of SPST will earn a qualified degree recognized at any major university in the world.  Our goal is to welcome any dedicated and excellent scholar in the world to join us in Tianjin and to enable all of our alumni to follow there dreams irrespective of borders.

Strong original research and international collaboration will bridge us to the global scientific community. Our vision is the rising of a globally intergrated top-flight research centre in Tianjin along the northeast coast of China.

Team work in research, teaching, and service will be an earmark of SPST.  Caring for staff development via training and promotion will be an essential feature of our team as we reform our institute in sustainable and respectful way that fosters teaching and research innovation.

For the visitors of our website and to our campus, colleagues, alumni, supporters, prospective students, and current students alike, you are invited to stay current in our latest news updates, research progress, and teaching program reforms.

SPST at Tianjin University is taking on a new phase as an "academic freezone" with a directive for change. We look forward to a progressive cadre of students, researchers, and scholars to enable this change.  We welcome you to support this venture.