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Analytical Center

An Introduction to the Instrumental Analysis Center of SPST

In line with Tianjin University’s overall teaching and research development objectives, to strengthen and enhance the fundamental and applied research, to cultivate top-notch creative talent, and to ensure that the available instrumental equipment will be efficiently used, our school organized and set up in 2009 an Instrumental Analysis Center, located on the first floor of wing A of building No. 24. 

After several years of investment and construction, and relying on the strengths of our faculty and technology, our instrumental facilities have evolved into a comprehensive analytical center dotted with logical organization, high efficiency, opening-up, and advanced technology.

The Center now consists of three technical service-oriented platforms, i.e., the Instrumental Analysis Platform, the Pharmaceutics Platform and the Biotechnology Platform. Six laboratories are managed by the Center, namely, the “Laboratory of NMR Spectroscopy,” the “Spectroscopy Laboratory," the “Chromatography Laboratory,” the “Elemental Analysis Laboratory,” the “Pharmaceutics Laboratory” and the “Sample Preparation Laboratory.” The Center covers an area of about 500 m2 and possesses over 20 instruments, including 7 heavy machines, the value of which is worth over 15 million RMB.

The Instrumental Analysis Center of SPST is not only an important experimental base for conducting scientific research and combining industry, academia and research, but also a supporting platform for cultivating top-notch creative pharmaceutical talent. While catering to the teaching and research needs of all disciplines of SPST, the Center also provides high-level contract analytical services, as well as technical consultancy for related institutions and enterprises.

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