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School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology(SPST) Seeks Talented Senior Faculty

Reconceived as an international demonstration project, SPST has developed an undergraduate through PhD research and teaching program all in English to encourage and recruit top talents, independent of origin, to Tianjin.  The program is housed in over 16,000 square meters of newly renovated research space, and is equipped with an extensive shared instrumentation analytical center for X-ray, MS, NMR, microscopy and much more.   The elite program enrolls 60-80 undergraduates selected for their STEM and English competency, and further recruits over 100 MS/PhD students for international level research studies. SPST seeks top Faculty scholars in Pharmaceutical Sciences with a focus this year on the following areas:

Ø Medicinal chemistry

Ø Pharmaceutical analysis

Ø Microbial and biochemical pharmacy

Ø Pharmaceutics

Ø Pharmacology

Ø Pharmacognosy

Ø Health and pharmaceutical management


General applications please send as a single PDF file in English labeled as (LastName_FirstName_Application_SPST.pdf) including a Executive Resume/Bio (2 pages with photo), Statement of Teaching Interests/Philosophy (1-2 pages), Summary of Research Interests (3-5 pages), List of Publications. 


The position application is open the full year 2023..


Call us at: +86-22 87401835 or email us at: liuyuan_spst@tju.edu.cn
Our website is: http://health.tju.edu.cn/


Thank you for considering this unique and valuable opportunity.





School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology
Tianjin University,