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Dear colleagues, alumni and friends: In 2001, the year of snake according to Chinese zodiac, TU established the school of pharmaceutical science and technology with founding Dean Prof. Kang Zhao at th...
Upcoming Events
  • Seminar:(358)Utilizing signal transduction networks to inform functional endpoints

    Speaker: Prof. Jonathan Boyd, West Virginia University School of Medicine

    Time: June 14, Friday |3:00 pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C206

  • Seminar:(357)Vitamin B12 Metabolism

    Speaker: Prof. Bernhard Kraeutler, Institute of Organic Chemistry & Center of Molecular Biosciences (CMBI), University of Innsbruck

    Time: June 21st, Friday |2:00 pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C206

  • Seminar:(356)Piecewise smooth systems: border collision bifurcations

    Speaker: Dr. Chi Hong Wong, School of Mathematics, Tianjin University

    Time: June 10th, Monday |14:00- 15:30pm

    Venue:Building 24#-C207

  • Seminar:(355)Digest the data: towards reliable biology-specific protein-protein Interaction

    Speaker: Prof. Bin XUE, Department of Cell Biology, Microbiology and Molecular Biology, University of South Florida

    Time: June 6th, Thursday |4:00- 5:30pm

    Venue:Meeting room (406), Building 24


  • Seminar:(354) Development of SV2A PET Tracers for the Study of Neurodegenerative Diseases

    Speaker:Prof. Dr. Zhengxin Cai, Yale University School of Medicine

    Time: June 5th | Wednesday |10:00 am-12:00 pm

    Venue:Meeting room (406), Building 24