Vibrational Circular Dichroism Spectormeter US,BioTools,CHIRALIR-2XTM

ØChinese Name:振动圆二色光谱仪

ØModel: Chiral IR-2X

ØManufacture: BioTools

ØAcquisition Date: Apr 29th, 2015

ØAcquisition Price: 1,300,000.00 RMB

ØLocate: Room 501, Building No. 24, TJU


uLight source: Dual silicon carbide ceramic light source

uSpectral range: 4500-750 cm-1

uNoise level:~8´10-6Delta

uBaseline deviation: less than±2´10-5absorbance units in the spectral range 850 to 1800 cm-1

uValidation: Internally calibrated and optically aligned for routine operation

uResolution: 128~1 cm-1

uOptics: ZnSe coated optics

uDetector: MCT (N2-liq cooled)


uDetermination of absolute configuration of chiral molecules; Protein/peptide structural studies; asymmetric reaction monitoring.