Ozone Flow Reactor(O-Cube) ThalesNano,Hungray

ØChinese Name:连续流动臭氧分解反应系统

ØModel: ThalesNano

ØManufacture: CEM

ØAcquisition Date: Dec 25th, 2015

ØAcquisition Price: 460,000.00 RMB

ØLocate: Room 503, Building No. 24, TJU


uFlow rate range: 0.2-2 mL/min

uTemperature: ambient to -25°C

uPressure: 1 bar (Max. 6 bar)

uO2/O3production range: 5-20 mL/min

uOzone production: 7-15% wt

uPower consumption: Max. 600 VA


uO-Cube can be applied in ozonolysis in a safety manner.