Glove Box Vigor

ØChinese Name:双人惰性气体手套箱

ØModel: SG2400/750TS-F

ØManufacture: Vigor

ØAcquisition Date: July 10th, 2014

ØAcquisition Price: 215,000.00 RMB

ØLocate: Room 503, Building No. 24, TJU


uTwo stainless (SUS304) boxes: 2400 mm (L)´750 mm (D)´900 mm(H), 3 mm thick Gas purification system: One gas purification column, containingoxygen and moisture adsorbents. Oxygenand moisture capacities are 60 L and 2 kg,respectively. The column is refreshable.One organic solvent adsorber.

uLeakage rate:<0 .001 vol/hr

uOxygen limit: O2<1 ppm

uWater limit: H2O<ppm

uFreezer: 30 L, -35°C to 0°C


uGlove box offers a platform to manipulate the operations in the environment of oxygen-free and moisture-free.