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(361)Economic Analysis of Medical Insurance System

Title: Economic Analysis of Medical Insurance System 

Speaker: Dr. Chaohui Dong, Research Fellow in Chinese Academy of Labour and Social Security

Time: July 14th, Sunday, 3:00 pm

Venue: Building 24#-C406

Host:  Prof. Jing Wu


China’s medical insurance system has been improved greatly in the past few years. To be specific, the coverage scope has been continuously expanded, the reimbursement level have been continuously increased, the insurance system has been further improved, and the universal medical insurance has been achieved. The medical insurance system has largely solved the problem of “high cost of getting medical treatment” for the public, but it also faces many problems and challenges. Dr. Chaohui Dong will explain the origin of the medical insurance system from the perspective of economics -- how can “the self-interested economic man” achieve the social medical insurance system of mutual assistance and mutual relief. He will also explain the motivation of the development of the medical insurance system -- its internal contradictions, and explore the future direction of development of the insurance system. (The lecture will be given in Chinese.)