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The notice about applying for Postdoc Innovation Talent Supporting Program in 2019

Here lists some key points about the application:

1.Subsidiary: Postdoctoral Innovation Talent Supporting Program in 2019 ---RMB 600,000 (2 years).

In addition, Tianjin University will gives anannual subsidy of 100,000 RMB each postdocand anannual allowance bonus of 100,000 RMBper postdoc (after accessment ), andone-off 100,000 RMB funding for scientific research. At the same time,a one-off allowance of 50,000 RMBwill be given to each postdoc according to the relevant policies of Tianjin . After entering the postdoc station for two years, if the accessment result is excellent and postdoc continues to work in the station, the university will provide the same level salary as in the first two years. In a word, the total amount of supportting fund during these three years canreach 1,550,000 RMB).

After leaving post-doc station, the postdoc can apply for the corresponding position of teaching and scientific research track according to the results of comprehensive evaluation. In addition to this program, the university will give its cooperative supervisor one quota of full-time post-docl position.

2.Application Requirements: The applicant shall meet the following requirements:

1)Having obtained full-time doctoral degree within 3 years and new PhD graduates in 2019 are preferred.

2) As for the postdoc who newly enter post-doc station, the time of obtaining his/her PhD degree shall beafter Jan 1st,2018and entered the post-doc stationafter Dec 1st,2018. the applicant shall apply for this program through his/her post-doc station

3)This postdocprogram only focus on Chinese people who get PhD degree in China, that means Chinese who get PhD degree abroad or foreign students can’t apply for this program.

4)The age of applicantshall be no more than 31 years old. (born after Jan 1st ,1987)

5)The disciplines to which the applied project belongs are science, engineering, agronomy and medicine and shall be in line with the priority fields of funded research (attachment 1).

3.The application procedures and deadline:

The applicant can log in Chinese Postdoc Website (http://www.chinapostdoctor.org.cn) to select this program to finish online applicationafter Jan 10th, 2019. The paper-version application documents shall be submitted toMenglong YAN( A201) before Feb. 26th,2019.

P.S.If you have the suitable postdoc candidate who meet the application requirements, you can encourage them to apply for it.