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National Chinese Medicine Industry Technology System scientist visited SPST

On March 28, 2019, at the invitation of Prof. Wenyuan Gao, Professor Chunxiu Wen of Hebei Academy of Agricultural Sciences, a scientist in the National Chinese Medicine Industry Technology System, visited the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology(SPST)Tianjin University. In the conference room, two teams of scientists conducted a discussion.


Firstly, Secretary Cuiling Feng met Professor Chunxiu Wen and introduced the history of the development of SPST, the current development plan of the internationalization reform of college, the discipline construction, the faculty and personnel training, pointed out the importance of the integration strategy of Beijing-Tianjin-Hebei. She said that SPST would continue to support the relevant work of the technical system of the traditional Chinese medicine industry and to promote the development of Chinese traditional medicine. Wen and Gao also introduced their respective research work.Professor Wenyuan Gao has been engaged in modern research on traditional Chinese medicine bioengineering, processing of traditional Chinese medicine resources, development of new Chinese medicines and secondary development. His team has made outstanding achievements in basic research. Professor Chunxiu Wen's research direction mainly includes the collection, preservation and evaluation of resources; variety breeding, virus removal; ecological planting, deep processing and utilization of Chinese herbal medicines. Her team accumulated rich experience in practical research. After discussion and exchange, the two scientists said that they will complement each other's strengths and join forces to carry out in-depth cooperation in production, education and research on the integration of Chinese herbal medicines.


After the meeting, Professor Chunxiu Wen and her delegation visited the instrument platform, undergraduate teaching and experiment center, the newly renovated laboratory and the Professror Gao’s laboratory. The visiting experts praised and affirmed the achievements of the internationalization reform and support for scientific research of SPST.