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Postdoctoral Associate in the laboratory of Professor Jon C. Antilla

Location: Professor Jon Antilla’s organic chemistry and medicinal chemistry

laboratory and office at the School of Pharmaceutical Sciences and Technology

(SPST) in Tianjin University (TJU).

Necessary Background and Qualifications:

• PhD in organic chemistry or a closely related field (pharmaceutical sciences)

where the investigations relied heavily on organic synthesis.

Research area:

• 1) The development of novel methodology for chemical synthesis and its

potential application to medicinal chemistry.

• 2) A more dedicated and direct medicinal chemistry project with a clear

pharmaceutical target. The work will include novel entry into a class of

pharmacologically active targets and the medicinal chemistry to improve the

efficacy and potential of such targets.


• International level salary (13,800 RMB per month, but more depending on

experience). Note that taxes will be taken out from this amount in accordance

with the laws of the Chinese government.

• Inexpensive and spacious postdoctoral housing on campus.

• Professor Antilla can utilize his connections to help in further work abroad or

within China if the applicant serves at least one year as a postdoc.


Professor Jon Antilla

TJU/SPST Building 24

Room: B610


Phone: 186-9805 5848