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The 11th "VICTORY-DECH Cup" Doctoral Forum at “School of Pharmaceutical Science & Technology”, Tianjin University was held successfully

At 9 o'clock on October 16th, Prof. Frances H. Arnold, professor of Biochemistry & Bioengineering at the California Institute of Technology and the first American woman to receive the Nobel Prize in Chemistry (2018), was appointed as honorary professor at Tianjin University. The ceremony was held at the second floor of the Science Library.Professor Frances Arnold delivered lecture on the subject of Innovation By Evolution: Bringing New Chemistry to Life.

Li Jiajun, Party Secretary of Tianjin University, Yuan Yingjin, Vice President of Tianjin University, Prof. Jay Siegel, Dean of School of Pharmacy, Feng Cuiling, Party Secretary of the School of Pharmacy, Kim Baldridge, Associate Dean of the School of Pharmacy, Robert Borris, Peter Taylor, Du Yunfei, Zhang Ling, Zhou Yan Chen Le, deputy secretary of the Party Committee of the School of Pharmacy, and Zhao Jianhua, deputy director of the International Cooperation and Exchange Department, attended the ceremony.

On the afternoon of the 16th and the morning of the 17th, the doctoral students of SPST gave a doctoral report in 24th Building. The report was divided into medicinal chemistry, medicinal analysis, pharmacy, biochemistry, biopharmaceutical, health and pharmacy management. In the process, the doctoral students gave a wonderful display of the research direction and work progress of the research group in the form of an oral report in English, and received suggestions and guidance from experts and teachers on the spot.

The Master’s Student Poster Presentations started at 14:00 pm at the second floor of the 24th building. The students displayed their research objectives and plans to professors and peers.The comprehensive performance was evaluated by professors according to the poster and oral expression.

The award dinner was held at 18pm at Goubuli Dinning Hall.At firstthe hosts made a brief opening statement, then Professor Pecoraro LorenzoProfessor Fumihiko NakamuraProfessor Peter Robert Taylor gave awards to the Masters and Doctoral students who performed excellent in the forum. Professor Robert Borris appreciated all participants and emphazised on the need of such events in future too. Then, the energetic, well-coordinated dance by Jingyao and Han Yishan, added colours to the wonderful party. Then, people enjoyed the delicious meal and discussed what they have gained in these two days.

After the dinner, the most exciting part started –Lottery. The prize were divided into 3 levels, third prize with cup; second prize with body fat calculator; first prize with blue tooth speaker. There was massive excitement and eagerness among all participants, the students who won the lottery felt glad.

With the cooperation of all the teachers and students, The 11th "VICTORY-DECH Cup" Doctoral Forum of SPST of Tianjin University was conducted successfully.Thank you for your participation. See you next year!