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SPST Launches Online Enrollment Promotion toward Hubei Province

Ever since the outbreak of COVID-19, Tianjin University has shown great concern about college entrance examination candidates in Hubei province the hardest-hit province in China.

On February 29, 2020, the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (SPST) together with the university’s Hubei Admissions Group held "Cloud Classroom of college entrance examination consultations for students in Hubei Province.

A week before the cloud classroom, a a QQ Chatting Group” was established to do some preparation work and announcements about the event was released through the official WeChat accounts of Tianjin University and Tianjin University Admissions Office, and Tianjin University’s website homepage.

Zhang Ling, director of the Hubei Admissions Office and associate dean of the SPST, presided over this online presentation. Associate professor Zhang Kun of SPST and two representatives from Class 2019 were invited to be the keynote speakers. In addition, Feng Cuiling, SPST Party Secretary, Li Bin, director of Tianjin University Admissions Office, Fang Ming, deputy director of Tianjin University Admissions Office, and Xiao Shuhu, director of Hubei Admissions Office, answered questions online.

First, Zhang Kun gave a detailed introduction to Tianjin University from four aspects, namely, its 125-year-long history, its pioneering work in emerging engineering education, the student-centered training programs, and the recruitment policy for Hubei Province. Then, two student representatives shared their college entrance examination experience and their lives at Tianjin university. Then, during the Q & A session, teachers answered questions raised by parents and students on enrollment, the admission scores, the professional quotations, further education, employment, preferential policies, etc.

More than 200 people attended the live broadcast. Some parents commended that Tianjin University s lectures were timely and effective, with a large amount of information and strong pertinence. They left screen messages, saying "I didn't know much about Tianjin University before, but I fell in love with it today. Especially for science students, Tianjin University is a good choice."