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Meeting Over Thousands of Miles: Cloud Classroom in SPST

In terms of epidemic control and prevention, all teachers and students at the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (SPST) actively implemented the basic requirements of the Ministry of Education "Dont go to class but continue to learn". Although they couldnt be on the front line against the epidemic, the teachers and students at SPST hold on to their ow duty and carried out online teaching and studying.

"The development of Cloud Classrooms is inseparable from the teachers' devoted work".

All SPST teachers responded positively to the inevitable  online teaching mode applied for this semester. They developed various suitable online teaching methods in accordance with the teaching content and characteristics of their courses. They prepared and distributed digitalized learning materials in advance to students, in a bid to help them study by themselves and reduce the discomfort of online learning to a certain extent. They also set up online discussion groups for the courses to explain the key points and difficulties in detail and answer students' questions patiently.

The following picture shows the teaching experience shared by Wu Jing, Fumihiko Nakamura and Matthias Bureik.

"The development of Cloud Classrooms requires the active cooperation of students".

Online learning is not only a test for teachers, but also brings a huge challenge for each student to overcome time and space. Especially there are many international students covering undergraduates, masters and doctoral students who need to participate in online courses. In addition, the students in the class are distributed in Asia, Europe and Africa, with a geographical span of tens of thousands of kilometers and a time difference of many hours. It is necessary to overcome the inconvenience of the network and time zone. During this period, academic teachers provide technical support for students, and the volunteers build bridges for international students to ensure timely and smooth information transmission. The teaching data survey results of the first four weeks of the school showed that the attendance rate of multiple online professional courses was 100%.

"The school's system guarantees the smooth development of cloud classrooms".

When faced with the task of conducting online teaching in a short time, the full-coverage teaching assistant (TA) system of SPST played a vital role. TA assisted the teachers in the course construction and published the relevant notices and leaning materials to students. They also helped the students to collect feedback questions, to coordinate the communication, and to carry out a full range of course auxiliary work. In addition, the Teaching Office designed a follow-up questionnaire in order to make sure the quality of online courses and to solve students ’needs timely. Data analysis was conducted on a weekly basis to facilitate scientific guidance and adjustment of online teaching in the later period.