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3rd TJU Pharmacoeconomics Research and Practice Training Course Held

From August 14 to 16, 2020, the 3rd Tianjin University Pharmacoeconomics Research and Practice Training Course was successfully held at Tianjin University. Sponsored by Tianjin University and undertaken by the School of Pharmaceutical Science and Technology (SPST), the course was taught by SPST staff members including Professor Wu Jing, Lecturer He Xiaoning, Dr. Xie Shitong, and Dr. Liu Jia who specialize in health and pharmaceutical management.  

This training course was designed to comprehensively and systematically introduce basic theories and frontiers of pharmacoeconomics evaluation to the trainees, and teach a series of practical techniques in research designs, model establishment, data analysis, report and article writing of pharmacoeconomics by way of case study and practical exercises. Nearly 70 clinicians and pharmacists from hospitals in Beijing, Tianjin, Henan, Hubei and other provinces and cities signed up for the course.

An opening ceremony was held on the morning of August 14th. 

Feng Cuiling, party secretary of SPST delivered a welcome speech and introduced the achievements of SPST in recent years in pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics as part of Tianjin University's comprehensive efforts to build medical disciplines.

Wen Xiaoqing, the deputy director of the Medical Administration and Medical Management Division of Tianjin Health Commission greeted the opening of the course on behalf of the Tianjin Municipal Health Commission, and explained the important role pharmacoeconomics played in the national essential drug list adjustment, comprehensive drug evaluation, and volume procurement reform.

Director Li Zhengxiang, on behalf of the General Hospital of Tianjin Medical University pointed out in his speech that as pharmacoeconomics had a profound influence on the hospital pharmacy development, pharmacists should enhance their relevant professional knowledge.

This training course lasted for 3 days and was divided into five topics: pharmacoeconomic evaluation methods and key designs, cost identification and measurement methods, health outcome identification and measurement methods, decision analysis models, and uncertainty analysis. At the end of the course, the trainees presented group reports, displaying what they had learnt and discussing the problems they had encountered during the course study. Trainees who met the course requirements obtained a certificate issued by SPST.

Tianjin University has held two such training courses in 2017 and 2018 respectively. They were designed to meet the urgent needs of doctors, pharmacists, and scientific research and management personnel to learn and master pharmacoeconomics knowledge and were well received by the participants.

The successful holding of the third training course once again served as a platform for academic exchanges and cooperation among scholars and workers in the fields of clinical medicine, pharmacy and pharmacoeconomics in Tianjin and even neighboring provinces and cities, Prof. Wu Jing said.