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SPST's "National Award Winner" experience exchange meeting

On May 5, 2022, the Graduate Student Association of SPST, together with the Second Party Branch of the Class of 2021, successfully held an experience exchange meeting of "National Award Greats" through Tencent Conference.The speakers were Li Wen, Zhao Dongqing and Yu Zhenyang, who shared some insights and practical experiences on their growth paths from different aspects of study, research, employment and life with different themes.

Li Wen, a PhD student in the class of 2021 majoring in applied chemistry, shared with us the process and experience of SCI paper submission.

Zhao Dongqing, a master's degree student of pharmacy in 2019, shared his own experience in different stages of postgraduate planning and answered some of the confusions encountered in job hunting to help students better cope with the problems and challenges encountered in the job hunting process.

Yu Zhenyang, a master's degree student in medicinal chemistry in the class of 2019, introduced some process matters of studying abroad for doctoral degree after master's degree.