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Professor Gao Wenyuan visited the Secretariat of the International Organization for Standardization/Technical Committee on Traditional Chinese Medicine (ISO/TC249)

On February 6-7, 2023, Professor Gao Wenyuan, a leader in the Chinese Medicine Discipline in SPST, visited the ISO/TC249 Secretariat and Chairman Yuandong Shen. He Yi, Dean of Tasly Research Institute, Professor Li Xia of the School of Pharmacy of Tianjin University, and Bai Xiaoli, Director of the Standardization Research Center of Tasly Research Institute, were accompanied by him. The Secretariat also attended by Xu Xiaoting, Deputy Director of the International Institute of Standardization of Traditional Chinese Medicine, Shanghai University of Traditional Chinese Medicine, and Shi Yanhong, Associate Researcher.

After the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China, China has entered a stage of high-quality social development. Standard research is the key tasks of all walks of life, especially international standards. International standards also marked the right to speak in the world in a country. Traditional Chinese medicine is the national essence of my country and the first Nobel Prize research field in China. The internationalization of Chinese medicine is a key task of a Chinese medicine industry. In view of this, the study of international standards for traditional Chinese medicine will be the top priority of the Chinese medicine industry. ISO/TC249 is an important international standard for Chinese medicine and has an important impact in the world.

Professor Gao Wenyuan is an expert on ISO/TC249 and the deputy secretary -general of the Chinese Medicine Standardization Committee in China. Professor Gao Wenyuan and Tasly Group have many years of cooperation. The current standardization of traditional Chinese medicine is one of the focus of cooperation. At present, two international standards with Professor Gao Wenyuan as the host are actively declare. Director Bai Xiaoli reported the progress of the two standards. Professor Gao Wenyuan explained the problems encountered in the current standard application process. Chairman Shen Yuandong expressed appreciation for Tasly's strategic plan to continue to build a new pattern of modern Chinese medicine "integrity, innovation, internationalization and standard leadership" around the strategic needs of national traditional Chinese medicine "going global" and "standardization", and hoped that more Chinese medicine enterprises would participate in the application of ISO standards and promote Chinese medicine to enter the world's mainstream pharmaceutical market. Dean He Yi sincerely thanked Chairman Shen and the ISO/TC249 Secretariat for their support to the construction and development of Tasly International Standardization, hoped that there would be more opportunities to participate in ISO international exchange activities in the future, and looked forward to multi-dimensional in-depth cooperation with ISO/TC249.

This visit has played an important role in promoting the establishment of a long-term communication mechanism for Tianjin University, Tasly and ISO/TC249.