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Student Officers for Lab Safety Meeting Held in SPST

On the afternoon of March 2, SPST held a meeting of Student Officers for Lab Safety in Room 205 of the 24th Building. The meeting was organized by the safety group of SPST and all members including Yunfei Du, Yong Zhang, Minjie Guo, and Yuru Ma participated the meeting. Ling Zhang, the Party Secretary of SPST, attended the meeting and delivered a speech. The meeting was presided over by Yuru Ma.

Dr. Zhang Yong gave a brief training on laboratory safety, which was focused on identifying laboratory hazards, recognizing dangerous chemicals and protecting laboratory safety. He also explained in details the responsibilities of laboratory safety officers, which mainly involves the following aspects: 1) the study, publicity and implementation of the safety rules and regulations  from schools and colleges; 2) check of the daily activities in the laboratory and record of laboratory safety log; 3) management of hazardous chemicals, gas cylinders, equipment use, etc; 4) arrangement of the laboratory cleaning to keep the laboratory clean and orderly; 5) organization of laboratory waste disposal.

Then, Associate Dean Yunfei Du stressed the importance of student officers for lab safety in daily laboratory work, emphasizing the requirements of "actively performing related duties, improving safety awareness, learning safety knowledge and preventing potential safety hazards" to the incoming safety officers. He called on each lab safety officer strictly abide by the safety rules and regulations of the University and the School, taking the lead in setting a good example, and working together with the School's safety work team to make contribution to the construction of a safe and healthy working environment in Building 24. He also hope that the employers of the future job market may pay attention to the values of the student officers for lab safety and provide them some additional credit for their the safety work experience.

The meeting fully acknowledged the hard work and positive contribution from the former lab safety officers in the laboratory safety work during the past year, and encouraged the incoming safety officers to make continuous efforts to pass on the safety culture. The Certificate of Honorary Safety Officer to the former student officers for lab safety and the Letter of Appointment of Safety Officer to the incoming student officers for lab safety were issued at the meeting.

Party Secretary Dr. Ling Zhang reiterated the safety culture and safety concept of SPST, emphasized the importance of laboratory safety and the responsibilities of the student officers for lab safety. She applauded the contributory work from the previous student officers for lab safety, and also put forward encouragement and expectations for the upcoming student officers for lab safety, hoping that everyone would implement the concept of "safety first" in daily scientific research and study.

Over the years, SPST has always adhered to the concept of "Safety First". The student officers for lab safety serve as important channels to convey and implement various regulations of the University and the School to each member of the research group. The system of student officers for lab safety of the SPST is an important part of the School’s overall safety work. It plays a very important role in implementing the laboratory safety regulations and ensuring a sound teaching and research environment for all the family members of SPST.